Top 50 Fan Photos of 2021

#18. Belinda Anne Stanley


I honestly hate to come off as sounding so clinical here. This is such a wonderful example of getting close to your subject in the interest of telling a story. What do you show? What do you not show? The answer is often show what you need to show. That’s what Belinda has done here so beautifully. Here’s what she wrote:

“My best friend since childhood, Tonya, and her wife Debbie, grieving their great Pyrenees who had cancer and was gently put to sleep in their home so he could be surrounded by his brothers, sisters and moms. They invited me to come take some memorial pictures and this one brought me to tears. They laid in the floor with him and loved him and held him until he went to his forever sleep. This was a precious moment, full of so much love and pain all at the same time. I was honored to have the time with him and capture their heartbreaking moments with him. 

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