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We are now preparing to relaunch our workshop program for Summer/Fall 2022!
Considering the decline of Covid 19 risk and current CDC and health expert guidelines, we now look forward to seeing you in person in some wonderful, photogenic locations around the country starting Summer/Fall of 2022!


Want an extraordinary experience this year?

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Each experience uniquely programmed for its time and place

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Country Weekend Workshop

Country Photography in Rural New York

August 2016

Fall Foliage in the Catskills

Capturing Autumn Colors 

September 2016

Philadelphia Workshop

History and Holiday Lights in the City of Brotherly Love

December 2016

New Orleans Workshop

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

April 2017

The Canadian Rocky Mountains

Banff National Park

May 2017

Cape May Photography Workshop

"Jewel of the Jersey Shore"

September 2017

Santa Fe Photography Workshop

High Desert Enchantment in New Mexico

October 2017

Fall Foliage Workshop

Autumn in the Catskills

October 2017

Philadelphia Workshop

The Birthplace of Our Nation

December 2017

New Orleans Workshop

Good Times Roll in the Crescent City and River Road Plantations

April 2018

Santa Fe/Albuquerque Workshop

High Desert Enchantment in the Southwest

October 2018

Philadelphia Photography Workshop

History & Holiday Lights in the City of Brotherly Love

December 2018

New Orleans Workshop

Photographing the French Quarter and More in The Big Easy

April 2019

San Francisco/Pacific Coast Workshop

The City by the Bay

June 2019

New Orleans 2020

The Birthplace of Jazz is Calling You

March 2020

San Francisco Workshop 2020

Explore the Many Faces of the City by the Bay

April 2020

Banff Workshop 2020

Capture the Beauty of the Canadian Rockies

May 2020

Santa Fe Workshop 2020

Photograph the Area That Inspired Georgia O'Keefe

October 2020

New York City Workshop 2020

Bright Lights in the Big Apple

October 2020

Philadelphia Workshop 2020

Walk Where Our Founding Fathers Walked

November 2020

We invite you to join us for an intimate, inspiring getaway that will change the way you take photos forever...

Coming Soon!

New and repeat location workshops for Fall 2021 through Spring 2022

 Nick Kelsh Photography Workshops offer an amazing opportunity to become lifelong friends with your camera…and your fellow photographers! Each workshop has a carefully chosen photographic location with a program designed specific to the area and the season to create an overall experience in which you’ll expand both your photographic and cultural horizons. (In fact, because each place/season and group creates such a unique adventure with various new opportunities for learning, more than a quarter of our participants choose to attend more than one!)

Each workshop offers the opportunity to learn from Nick’s lifetime of photography in a setting abounding with opportunities to practice your photography.  Nick loves teaching photography, and participants in his workshops and online courses laud his ability to take his wealth of experience and present it in a way that is understandable and applicable, no matter what your skill and experience level. The workshops also give you the opportunity to dedicate time away from the daily distractions of life to focus on your passion for photography.

We gather in a group of a dozen or so people whose passion is making their lives and the world more beautiful with their cameras. We challenge and support each other for a period of days and come away enlightened and invigorated in a way that no internet experience can compete with. We are better photographers—and probably people—for it. Lifelong friendships are forged by a shared experience and memories that will last forever.

Nick has hosted hundreds of seminars, retreats, public speaking events, webinars, and written and/or photographed nine books and has come to the conclusion that the small group over a period of days may very well be the perfect teaching and learning format. There’s enough time for him to connect with every student personally and still allow time to be alone with the camera and exercise your mind’s eye—in other words, shoot great photographs.  He says, “For me personally, these workshops could possibly be the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my career.  A list of the great photographic experiences of my life would have to include some of these workshops. They were thrilling, and I’m incredibly proud that the attendees have repeatedly asked when we can do it again – and come back for subsequent workshops!”

We have hosted workshops in Upstate New York’s gorgeous summertime farm country and famed fall foliage landscapes, the snow covered Rocky Mountains of Banff, Canada, the legendary musical streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter, the charming Victorian seaside resort town of Cape May, the enchanting southwestern photographer’s mecca of Santa Fe, on the sloping streets of San Francisco and the historic birthplace of our nation, Philadelphia. 

And now we are pleased to announce our schedule for 2020, including workshops in New Orleans, San Francisco, Banff, Santa Fe, New York City and Philadelphia – though the locations vary, the purpose is always the same: to change the way you see and photograph the world by helping you become the photographer you’ve always wanted to be.


The shared experience of a Nick Kelsh Photography Workshop will feed your photographic soul…

But don’t just take our word for it … listen to what past workshop participants have said about their experiences at Nick Kelsh Photography Workshops!

Then take a look below and see which photo adventure speaks to YOU…

What I like most about Nick’s workshops – They are comfortable learning environments.  Nick sets the tone so that everyone, no matter their expertise, learns how to improve their skills with only constructive critiques. I was so nervous when I arrived since I was not a professional photographer and felt I was probably in over my head.  I was so wrong. The moment I first met Nick and some of the other attendees, I immediately felt at ease and knew I was where I should be.  Nick proved to be very patient, explained things where I could understand them, and was always available to answer questions.  The other attendees, well, they were awesome.  From the professionals to those like me, everyone was willing to share their knowledge and their friendship.  The workshops are extremely well organized so that we make the most of our time. Spouses feel included and actually enjoy the experience. Finally, the workshops are like taking a vacation but no one minds that you stop and take lots and lots of photographs!! 

Kay Keeshan, Alabama

An incredible experience that is definitely a highlight of my photography learning experience!  Nick’s hands-on approach and help along with all of my fellow photographers made this a truly unique experience.

Linda Kennington, Pennsylvania

I  guess you could say I’m addicted to the Nick Kelsh experience – I have been to 5 Nick Kelsh Photography Workshops!    Nick is not only a great teacher and a gifted photographer, he makes learning fun.  He will take you out at dawn, at dusk, or any time in between to chase beautiful light and capture stunning photographs.  His energy is endless and his sense of humor will make you feel comfortable and entertained. So don’t hesitate … treat your self to a Nick Kelsh workshop.  You will be so happy you did!

Carmen Rego, California

 I haven’t done any other workshops like this but I do think the personal time with Nick is what people go for. Also the other attendees are a great bonus! I hadn’t thought about what they would add to my experience, such as talking with them about photography,  its technical aspects and also about self reflection on my photography. It was a great add on for me and a must in my personal journey in photography. I learned as much in these impromptu moments as in the planned sessions!

Karen Rice, Calgary, Canada

Although I have many interests and have never aspired to being a professional photographer, I’ve found joy in taking pictures wherever I go. My weekend in the Catskills with Nick and my other new friends was a game-changer! Not only did I learn crucial camera and editing skills (locked in by an entire glorious weekend of practice), but I started daring to try new things and I began to view the visual world around me with a greater sense of wonder. There is a marked difference in my photos from the fall of 2016 on. I wish I could attend more of these workshops for the fun of it and for the dedicated time to photography, but anyone who is considering going should know that one may be all you need to flip a switch and help you improve tremendously!

Brenda Mitchell, Ohio

Nick Kelsh, totally from the heart, the (country) photography weekend workshop was really perfect for me… exactly what I needed and what I expected.  I was honored to be there, and would love to do it again.  Thank you so much for taking the time to top off our weekend with all that discussion and analysis in the post-workshop webinar session. It was the perfect way to review all the great times we had and the things we learned, along with tons of editing advice. It was fabulous, you are fabulous, Anne is fabulous. Thank you so much for everything. I am aching to do it all again. And I hope you (and ALL my new photographer-friends!) will come to Boston one of these days soon. I want more!!!”   🙂    🙂    🙂
Cindy Ringer, Massachusetts

Wow, Nick! Thanks for the incredible weekend! I was the newbie of the weekend, having just discovered your teachings a few months before the workshop. I still hadn’t had time to finish a single class. But fate intervened. With two weeks notice, I discovered an extremely rare open weekend in our family schedule. No easy feat with four young children. I took a chance and dove headfirst into an amazing experience. I was definitely the least experienced photographer for the weekend. And walked away with skills I will use the rest of my life. And friends.  Even the imperfections of the weekend are what made it perfect. I’m forever grateful to be a part of the first weekend workshop. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I’m no longer just a mom who likes to take pictures. I’m a photographer!”
Cynthia Barclay, Ohio

I went to my first workshop just wanting to have fun with other photographers, enjoy a chance to play with my camera, and figure out a few difficulties I had technically. I got that and so much more. When Nick says it will re-energize your passion and build your confidence, it is NO EXAGGERATION!!!!! And it is loads of fun to boot!!!!  A workshop with Nick is not only a learning experience, but one where we laughed and shared our love for photography while building friendships in the process! I get emotional every time I look at the photos. Trying to find the words to capture the experience and explain it to friends and family … “awesome” and “amazing” and “wonderful” repeated over and over and over is pretty much what I’ve come up with so far. I think this is a case where I’ll have to let my photos speak for themselves! Nick and his wife Anne are as kind and fun as they seem online…even more so in person, I do believe! One of the attendees described it as a “once in a lifetime experience that I hope happens more than just once”— a perfect description of how I feel! 

Terryl Hicks, Louisiana

 It was an amazing experience, I made great friends, and my photography improved tremendously!

Tara Mock, North Carolina

I was so nervous when I arrived since I was not a professional photographer and felt I was probably in over my head.  I was so wrong. The moment I first met Nick and some of the other attendees, I immediately felt at ease and knew I was where I should be.  Nick proved to be very patient, explained things where I could understand them, and was always available to answer questions. The other attendees, well, they were awesome.  From the professionals to those like me, everyone was willing to share their knowledge and their friendship. 

Kay Keeshan, Alabama

What an amazing time we had. Nick is so generous to spend time with each of us as needed, and it is so fantastic to get help from him in person. Anne shared a meal with us each day, and it was especially fun to see Alexander and Teddy one night too. [Terryl Hicks does an amazing job to plan and organize these workshops. What a treat to get to meet her, too.]  If you have not been to one of these workshops, I strongly encourage you to budget so you can save up – both the cost and the time – to have an experience like this. What a privilege for me to get to spend a week with Nick! 

Tom Reese, Georgia

Learn. Discover. Be inspired. Gain confidence. Make friends. Have fun.

Become the photographer you have always wanted to be.

About Nick Kelsh

Nick Kelsh is a renowned photographer—with nine published books and repeat appearances on Oprah and The Today Show—whose programs have attracted a following of thousands of amateur photographers of all levels. 

Nick’s passion for teaching and helping others, knack for creatively delivering photography instruction in easily digestible bites, and inspiring, entertaining style make learning photography easy and fun. He has shared his expertise and knowledge on his How To Photograph Your Life website, blog, and Facebook page, as well as in his popular online courses, live workshops and speaking engagements. 

He describes his multi-day workshops as “possibly the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my career” and would include them on “a list of the great photographic experiences of my life.

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Nick and the HTPYL team will be happy to answer questions you may have about the workshop programs and would be glad to speak with you on the phone to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Just let us know how you’d like to connect.

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