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The Wireless Lighting Kit At Work: Trick or Treat

Someone posted on our Facebook page and suggested that the best way to photograph your own trick-or-treaters was to do a dry run at your own front door from the perspective of of a potential victim/candy supplier. We tried to hunt down this tipster and luckily Lori...

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Halloween Photos with a Smashed Pumpkin

Well, what would you do with a smashed pumpkin? Okay, okay, I smashed it to photograph it, I admit it. I had the face shot of Alexander and decided to make it more ghoulish. I did it in PhotoShop and used layers. That part was pretty straightforward. I put my wireless...

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How To Photograph A Ghost

There were many things to consider when I photographed this ghost in a graveyard, but most important for me was not getting arrested. It was 5AM. I was standing in the middle of a cemetery wearing white gloves and doing something that looked like some kind of Pee Wee...

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How to Make Fun Halloween Effects in Editing

I really think the kids will love this. My boys got a kick out of it and they’re fairly accustomed to having their image goofed with and displayed in public. I guess it goes with the territory of being a photo tips guy’s kid. Curves can make your little monsters even...

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