Top 50 Fan Photos of 2021

#13. Leila Thompson Flavell


I’ve known several photographers like Leila. They only shoot good photographs. Or at least they create the illusion that they only shoot good photographs. They actually shoot some marginal photographs like the rest of us but they quickly deep six those and only let the good stuff float to the top.

Anyway, this is the northern lights and a moon rise in the same frame. It’s a truly special photograph. (Just to let you know exactly how geeky I am, I subscribed to Astronomy magazine for several years. I don’t ever remember seeing this rare situation in there.)

I know there are many people on this page that worship you, your photographs, and your method, Leila. What a joy it is to have you sharing your work here.

Also, if you want to post a really bad photograph here it will probably make several of us feel a little better.

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