Top 50 Fan Photos of 2021

#12. Terryl Hicks


You don’t have to love sports or even like sports to appreciate the beauty and humanity of what keeps coming out of Terryl‘s camera.

When you reach a certain level of competence and artistry in photography it’s time to latch onto one subject and work it. And then work it and work it and work it some more. That’s what Terryl is doing. She’s creating a body of work that, hopefully, people will have access to and admire for decades to come.

The composition and graphic boldness of this one makes it one of my all-time favorites of Terryl’s. Way to go!

(I was going to dress up like a male cheerleader and do some kind of Charleston cheerleader dance for you Terryl but I couldn’t find my sweater with a big “T” on it. I was going to send it as a GIF. Teddy taught me how!)

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