#27. Susan Marsh

This just in from the Real Life Department.

Susan, I think this is just fantastic, It’s a wonderful piece of photo journalism. My now deceased, famous photo journalism professor would have gone gaga over this. Storytelling at its best. (He also would have loved me for encouraging you. :-) I hope everyone is feeling better.

Here are Susan’s words:

We’ve had a lot of sickness going around our family for the past month. This shot is of my exhausted daughter after my grandson would not sleep the night before unless she was holding him.
Note: she wearing a mask to try to not get the flu again.

This pretty much sums up how tired we are of being sick. Life, raw and real!



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  1. Susan Marsh

    I’m humbled to be included in this list. Thank you Nick.

    At the time this photo was taken we had literally been passing the flu back and forth for a month. I had watched my grandson the day before and spent to the night to help my daughter. Good thing I did because as soon as he was out to bed, he threw up all over his crib. We were all beyond exhausted. This picture just summed it all up for me. Covid hit shortly after this.

  2. Susan Marsh

    Also, thank you for the encouragement you give all of us who love photography Nick. It means more than you

  3. Sandy

    I know these people! This in my Daughter-In-Love and our first grandchild! When I was looking at this picture, it hit me that most of the colors in the picture (even outside) are muted and neutral, right down to the wall color. It seemed to punctuate the inactivity on the floor, while the vibrant clothing color “popped” the subject matter.


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