#28. Marilyn Tschorke

If I could give you all a little Valentines gift, first and foremost it would probably be an appreciation for good lighting.
Then, secondly, it would be anticipating when the good stuff is going to happen. That is, expecting the good moments to happen and then pushing the button when they do. (Very tricky.)
Finally, (and remember this is just my top three and if you ask me what my top three is tomorrow I would have a different list) it would be a willingness to keep things incredibly simple. That’s how you create bold eye grabbing compositions.
I’m putting up Marilyn’s photograph as a Fan Photo of the Day so that maybe some of you today, Valentine’s Day, will be inspired by her willingness to leave out lots of really important stuff from this photo. I mean seriously, look at what’s not in this picture! And yet it’s beautiful and we all fell for it the minute we saw it. Good photographers are devious. They grab you by the eyeballs and they won’t let go. They have their methods. They make their work irresistible. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Great work from Marilyn.

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