24. Erin K. Crouse

There can be problems with bird’s eye view photos. Sometimes—most times even—you don’t see people’s faces in a bird’s eye view, but it’s a good healthy visual exercise to shoot photographs from overhead that dont’s show faces.

That kind of thinking takes you to the the land of storytelling shapes and textures and can make people pictures more about relationships and moments and compositions and less about what someone looks like at any given moment. (There will be plenty of time to shoot those pictures later.)

So that’s what’s going on here in the view a passing by sea gull might grab. Erin is telling a sweet story by eliminating some key information (their faces) about the subjects. That makes it bold and simple and memorable.

Also, most people photographers would tell you that stripes are not the greatest thing for subjects to wear but I don’t think too many of them would argue with the way the baby’s shirt and piano keyboard are doing a little dance.

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