The Top 50 Fan Photos of 2018

#25 – Anita Fusco Baumann‎ 

 Here’s one of several shots that Anita took at “Camp Fantastic”. Her words:
“As a survivor of childhood leukemia, I wanted to find ways to be involved, as an adult, with children and teens who themselves were battling cancer. For many years, I volunteered as a camp counselor at Camp Fantastic, a week-long pediatric oncology camp. Most of the time I was busy, moving kids from one place to another, teaching classes, singing camp songs, dressing up, eating cafeteria and cook out food, playing games, and, for too few hours a night, sleeping. But I was never without my camera, and, when I could steal a minute or two, I enjoyed observing and capturing moments that symbolized that things that camp meant for these kids: friendship without judgement, joy without reservation, and the opportunity to forget illness and just be a kid.”

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