The Top 50 Fan Photos of 2018

#24 – Sarah Kirby

I’ve actually studied this picture for quite some time, and even talked to a few other people about it. Of course, everyone agrees it’s a great sports photograph. I think the interesting question is: 
Why is this photograph so powerful?

Sure, he’s really high off the ground—that’s a given. (There’s a serious athletic achievement going on here.) But I think the thing that really makes this work is that he is up in the clouds and everyone else is flat on the floor. What an incredible key moment this is. And then, the fact that the background is being so cooperative just completely makes it. If there were a bunch of people sitting on the bleachers in the background this would be a very different photograph.

Also, notice how his head and shoulders are up above that plastic barrier in the background and everyone else is below it. It makes such a difference psychologically. This is absolutely a sports photography triumph. You could shoot basketball for years and never quite come up with this. Fantastic.
Red shoes don’t hurt.

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