The Top 50 Fan Photos of 2018

#20 – Beth Thomander‎

I had an old photography teacher who used to say that flat-footed documentary photography was the highest form of photography. It’s what the camera does best he said. When a photographer has the good sense to stand back and record what’s simply happening you are flying in some very rare air. The rub is knowing when to remove yourself from the scene and turn into the chronicler, the recorder of our your own life. Beth Thomander has graced these pages over the years with at least a dozen wonderful Fan Photos and I can flashback in my memory’s eye and see all kinds of different photographic styles; portraiture, flower close-ups, nature, sports, golf and today, flat footed documentary. (Yes, golf is a totally separate category at the Thomander residence.) Let’s not forget that we have watched her beautiful children grow up here. Finally, a few words about this picture. It’s the state of our world, isn’t it? This picture says it better than I could possibly do with hours of banging on this keyboard. Believe me, I’m not pointing fingers. My iPhone is on my bedside table every night. Great commentary by Beth.

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