The Top 50 Fan Photos of 2018

#19 – Pam Leland Trevatan 

I know the feeling. You almost break an ankle on the way to your camera. I think many of us out there can relate. I love the stripes on the shirt, too. Here are Pam‘s words.

“If you’re still collecting HTPYL photos…here’s my#trampolinehairdontcare photo!! I’ve been so envious of these I’ve seen people post over the years. When I saw her hair from the corner out of my eye as I walked by the window, you better believe I nearly broke my ankle gathering up my camera in hopes of not missing it. I’m not sure what she was so grumpy about, but she had a good belly laugh when she saw my back of the camera. I love the stripes on her dress in contrast with her “striped” hair.

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