#11. Vicki Winton

The effort and commitment by both of these people is nothing short of profound. Words really don’t touch this. Has it been almost 5 years? Really? You are both amazing. We are blessed to have you in our world.
Here’s what Vicki said:
“ Against the Odds ”
This chair has been our life for 4 years and 8 months. It changes the way you see the world; it changes your perspective. It controls where we go, what we do, and even where we live.
We had a therapist tell us 4 years ago, when I asked the question, that she thought Brian would not walk again. I heard her. But we had other plans.
Then, about a year and a half ago, after 3 years of therapy, Brian was walking independently with a walker. I may have cried when we said goodbye to his doctor today
I had hoped to tell some of this story with my image. What the image doesn’t show you, the ease with which he took these steps and turned around at each end, twice. All while I sat on the ground with my camera.
“You’ve come a long way, baby.” PS The therapist apologized.”

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  1. Terri V

    Vicki, Congratulations to you both. So happy for you both!! What a fabulous capture!

  2. Christine Miller Caldwell

    Love the picture AND the story. Such a perfect storytelling photo!

  3. Susan Marsh

    I agree with all that Tom has said.
    This is such a powerful photograph. I’m thrilled for both of you as I watch Brian’s recovery. You two are an inspiration.


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