Top 50 Fan Photos of 2021

#9. Robert Rear


Every time Robert posts a photograph of an eagle on this site I think it’s one of the best pictures of an eagle I’ve ever seen and then he posts another picture. We are so lucky to have you sharing with us, Robert. Thank you.

The story behind the photo is this: the eagle is flying near a dam and stunned fish have just gone through the turbines and are floating to the surface for easy pickings. This creature is heading back for dinner.

Look at the feather structure here! We happen to live relatively close to the world-famous Cornell Ornithology Lab and it’s hard for me to imagine that they’ve got a better picture that shows exactly how the feathers of an eagle are arranged. This is unbelievable. Wow.

Other than that, I don’t know what to say. The picture speaks for itself.

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