Top 50 Fan Photos of 2021

#37. Sue Creager


As strange as it sounds it’s what Sue decided not to put in this picture that makes it so strong. I love this photograph! What a beautiful crop this is. That black dress behind his face makes all the difference, too.

He sounds like a wonderful man who lived a wonderful life. We should all be so fortunate. I wish I had met him.

Here’s what Sue wrote:

“This is my husband and the son of an amazing man receiving the flag from the Honor Guard… My Father in Law… almost 98, WWII Vet, husband of 75 years, Father of 3, grandfather of 11, great grandfather of 22 and great great grandfather of 2 was laid to rest this last week… loved by many and an inspiration to so many more.”

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  1. Laura

    Congratulations Sue! An amazing job capturing such a poignant moment in time.


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