Top 50 Fan Photos of 2021

#31. Orion Hardwick


First of all, Orion and I are related somehow. His father is my cousin. Perhaps one of you genealogy people could explain to me what the official term for that is.

But regardless, I am taking full credit for any genetically acquired photographic talent that he has. (Alas, I cannot do that. His dad is an hellaciously talented photographer.)

First of all, this picture is stunningly beautiful, right? It really is. But as a photographer, I really appreciate the fact that Orion had the good sense and the good eye to go to the panorama function on his smart phone. You have to be quick and you have to be tuned in to what’s in front of you but he did it, didn’t he?!

This is one of those little smart phone masterpieces that looks so good when you view it on your own phone.

And the editing on this picture is sweet, also. I love all that dark stuff with that bright sky that is not over exposed. That is key. There is still detail in the sky.

Way to go, Orion! All of the Hardwick‘s are proud today!

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  1. Mary Bell

    Stunning photo. And the children of cousins are called cousins. Keeps it simple!


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