#13. Nikki Melcher-Wagner

Catching air on a sled is one of the great thrills of winter sports. I totally love the look on this little girl’s face. She is one step away from putting out her hand and touching the face of God. ( A reference to John Gillespie Magee’s poem “High Flight”) In her mind she is 40 feet off the ground and still lifting.
Sadly, what goes up, well, you know. At the notorious Hill of Death in Philadelphia where the Kelsh boys and I spent many a winter afternoon the landing area often featured a pile of colorful plastic shards and even a little blood occasionally. All in good fun, I promise!
But this girl, this girl has wings! When she touches down she will be as one with the runway. The cheers from the top of the hill will be deafening and she will climb back up and do it again and again. This is a great sledding photograph. Her face is wonderful.

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