#50. Nicki Heiser Schmidt

We’ve never lost a photo subject here at HYPYL (that I know of) and I have to believe there’s a happy ending here someplace with this one.
However they did this, it’s quite convincing. I think there are only two options: they faked it or they hung their kid upside down from his ankle with Christmas lights.
Both of my sons want to believe they really strung him up, while I, having been around more injuries than my kids ( well, maybe not Teddy) hope that Photoshop had something to do with this. We really can’t tell.
Lots of laughs at my house over this one.

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  1. Lynette Fortson

    I have a few photos as part of our Christmas decor. This should be framed for yours. Or a metal photo panel at Forever.com. Truly great. Displayed unexpectedly like in the guest bathroom. Too funny


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