My Three Sons

Me and my three sons    photo by Anne Kelsh

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day with your family yesterday. We were thrilled that Chaz (my oldest son) was able to join us for the holiday this year, it made our Christmas. He lives in Boston where he’s hard at work at law school, so it’s a rare opportunity that I get to enjoy my three sons all together. Anne shot this picture that I LOVE. (Later today, I’ll fire up the self-timer and she’ll be in the official Christmas family portrait.)
Teddy was sick on Christmas Eve day, but then, behold…a Christmas MIRACLE! He got up at 2:30AM, 5:30AM, and finally 6:30 feeling well enough to enjoy all the festivities—except meals—yesterday.
Alexander was clearly enamored of his big brother who will talk politics and science with him all day long, and we had just the kind of relaxing family day that Christmas is all about. It was wonderful.

We’ve had a particularly busy time at work leading up to this Christmas (you’ll see why with our New Year announcement!) so Anne insists we celebrate the full twelve days of Christmas this year. Americans have been misled by the retail industry to think of the twelve days as the countdown to the big day—but with the real Twelve Days of Christmas, we’re one down and eleven holiday days to enjoy before taking down our decorations on Epiphany. (Okay, truth be told, I’m always ready to be done with the tree by New Year’s Day but Teddy likes it up for his birthday on the 2nd and Anne’s a traditionalist who wants to milk it through the 5th, so who am I to argue?)

So even though Anne and I will be getting back to work after Chaz leaves tomorrow, we’ll still make time to enjoy holiday time with family and friends, do special things with the boys, relax and celebrate the season. I’ll be taking and sharing family photos throughout and hope you’ll join me by sharing yours with us on our Facebook page.

And with Christmukkah 2016 giving us Twelve Days of Christmas overlapping with the 8 Days of Hanukkah, we figure a lot of people may still in the gifting mood. So, on the second day of Christmas (3rd day of Hanukkah)…

Whether you want to share the thrill of better photography with someone you love or indulge in it as a gift to yourself, there will never be a better chance to take advantage of an interactive class when it’s most affordable. And whether you want to choose a session in January or wait until March you can still get half off.  If you’ve dreamed of taking both Going Manual and Portraits and Lighting (or Basic Photography and Going Manual) we’ve scheduled our winter and spring sessions so you can register for two courses at once and get 50% off both—two for the price of one!

I look forward to sharing photos with you through the rest of the holiday season, and then starting the New Year with our January courses. Hope to see you in one.

And let us know in the comments if you think of the 12 Days of Christmas as ending or starting with Christmas. I guess what it boils down to is when do you take down your tree and sweep up the last pine needle?

Stay in focus,




  1. Caroline

    I’m with Anne – sorry, Nick. The 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas and end on Jan. 6. When I do a live tree, it comes down on New Year’s Day. Never made it to the tree part this year. LOVE the pic of you and the boys! I’m SURE that made your Christmas!!! Happy New Year to everyone!

  2. Shelly Truxal

    I love your idea of the 12 days of Christmas after Christmas (which follows the school vacation). For me, if I do not put my Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving, I feel that I am “behind”. So by the day after Christmas I am ready to have everything down, reorganized and packed away. I like to have my house clean and back to normal! I want to start the new year organized! It may only last a day or a few hours, but it is all in the mind! Happy 2017!


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