Me and My Camera: A Love Story

 Here’s an update of a video I made back in the early days to share a bit about how I became a photographer and why I ended up doing what I do here at How to Photograph Your Life.  

(And of course I weave in my favorite photo tips for you. I always weave in the photo tips.) 

Putting together a set of photographs that chronicles the journey of your photographic growth is humbling and enlightning…and makes you wonder what’s coming next. I highly recommend it.

But the point of my sharing this video with you now is just to take a few moments to say let’s get acquainted—or reacquainted—if you’re not familiar with my background and what my mission is here at HTPYL. I hope this will inspire you to consider your own photographic journey and the reason you do what you do. (And I’ll look forward to hearing your story too—more on that later.) 

So let’s all take a little look back now, to focus on where we’ve been and think about where we’re going. You may have noticed that what was meant to be a brief hiatus last spring dragged on longer than expected (you know, the old “life gets in the way” scenario) but we’re ready to recommit ourselves to revving things up around here so get ready to hear more from us during the holiday season and the new year ahead!

To start now, I’m just asking you to watch (or rewatch) this video. 

Of course, my favorite part is the appearance of the young Kelsh boys, and I mean young, toward the end.  I’ve watched that part a ridiculous number of times and never once with dry eyes. 

Please watch and enjoy. And let me know what you think in the comments!


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