#44. Margaret Davaz

I so appreciated Margaret’s subject matter here.
Sparrows strike me as greatly under appreciated. (Also there are so many different kinds of sparrows. All I know about them is that the white throated sparrow says Old Tom Peabody, Peabody, Peabody.)
But sparrows are definitely among the most accomplished singers in the bird world. They are not just brown and drab. They can change the entire experience of being outside if you listen for them.
So hooray for sparrows and hooray for Margaret’s photograph.


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  1. Margaret Davaz

    Oh, my gosh!

    I saw the email right after I awoke, before I even got out of bed. I scurried to the computer so I could look at the top photos on the big screen. I love our community so much, and was eager to see some of my favorite photos again. The caliber of images is through the roof.

    I NEVER thought I’d see one of my photos in the collection this year. I only submitted a handful of photos in 2020 because, you know, 2020 meant a lot of isolation. Even more rare was to pick up my “big girl camera.” Rarer still, my telephoto lens.

    In fact, this photo is from the ONLY day in 2020 that I picked up that lens. It was during the fire season here in Oregon, so the sky was a weird color from all the smoke and it was impossible to breathe outside. I was looking through the second floor window in my studio when I saw this bird in the neighbor’s tree that peeks over our fence. The birds disappeared because of the fire, but this one peeked out for a few minutes.

    Thank you, Nick, for believing in me all these years. Thank you for believing my photo belongs here with the best.

  2. Judy A Tardie

    Awesome photo! Congratulations!


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