18. Maddie Clark

A proud aunt submitted this to the page for Maddie. Although I have to assume Maddie is a relative newcomer to photography (she’s 13) you would never guess it by this image. Let’s make a list of the stuff she did right, shall we?

She took a risk and shot straight into the sun. Often times it doesn’t work, but this time it paid off in spades. Don’t be afraid to push the button.

Somehow she was able to come up with a compelling composition from a less than composition cooperative location – a speeding boat. That’s not easy. I’ve been there. I love the way the dominant sun ray balances out the position of the rope. That’s almost more important than where she put her father – the skier.

The picture is dark but that’s a good thing. In other words, nice exposure! Now we can see the detail in the water. Super important. Darkness has rendered her father as a silhouette which is really cool.

But mostly, I want you to look at the composition. It’s really sweet. We expect great things from you Maddie!

And thanks Aunt Denise for posting! We appreciate it.

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