8. Lisa Sigurslid

It’s true. I do love a good baseball photograph. And there is a soft spot at my house for a good picture of a catcher. In our experience catchers seem to have big hearts. The way these two have been isolated with a telephoto lens makes this so much more than a sports photo.

Here are Lisa’s words:

“I know how much you love a good baseball photo, hopefully this one lives up to your high standards. I have been photographing my sons and their friends for nearly 10 years, hopefully developing my skill each year. This was the very last photo I took this year. We had a one run lead, one game away from the league championship game. It was an intense game. In the bottom of the seventh the other team scored, winning the game, and ending our season. The emotion in this photo says it all.”

Yes, beautifully captured, Lisa.

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