#1. Kim MacDonald Cameron

Manning the pipes? Is that Canadian for playing goal? It doesn’t make any difference. There’s so much heart in this photograph—on both sides of the camera. This is a glorious image.

Here are Kim’s words:

“While visiting the beautiful Lake Louise last weekend my husband and I saw lots of people out enjoying nature. Snow was gently falling, clouds were slung low on the mountains and heaps of kids and adults were taking in winter activities.

The little goalie manning the pipes caught my eye right away. He had no stick to block the puck but that didn’t seem to phase him at all. The older boys were gentle with their shots at the net and all three seemed to be having a special moment.

I like the “vintage” feel of this photo and I hope a few of you do as well. Looking at it makes me quite nostalgic thinking of my own youth and skating on the lake behind my grandparents house. Special memories of days gone by.”

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