Family Superbowl Photo (and Flash Sale!)

“Teddy, what is that blue thing on your body?!”


The Philadelphia Eagles play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII this evening. I’m not a huge football fan, but as the father of two boys who are totally into it it’s impossible not to get sucked into the rah rah Eagle’s vortex.

Teddy’s fourth-grade teacher sent an email out this week explaining that the kids were really jazzed about the upcoming game and they had actually put up some decorations in the classroom supporting the Eagles. There is, however, one student in the room that is supporting the Death Star, I mean, the Patriots. This, she explained, has offered many opportunities for lessons in sportsmanship and learning to accept differences in people—lots of talk like that.

This student was, of course, our own Teddy Kelsh. 

Five years ago Teddy latched on to a Patriots player named Julian Edelman and has never let go. (That’s an Edelman jersey he’s wearing in the photo.) If my brother Eric’s behavior is any indicator Teddy could likely be a lifelong Patriots fan. Growing up in Fargo, Eric worshiped Brooks Robinson and the Baltimore Orioles and is a huge Orioles fan to this very day. I just want you to know that Teddy is not a Johnny-come-lately to the Patriots.

Alexander, of course, thinks this is all ridiculous. How could someone born in Philadelphia not root for the Eagles Today? It’s a valid question.

Anne showed me a comedy video yesterday that pretty much sums up the situation. It really is hilarious.

In any case, I dragged the boys outside for a little portrait just to record what we look like on this day that we will never forget—win or lose.

Go Eagles.

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