#41. Kay Keeshan

Kay, I feel like I’m being manipulated by you. I’m thinking that you’re thinking that if you post your photographs in black-and-white they will become the Fan Photo of the Day. Well, it worked. : )
“I’m just recovering from keeping an 18 month old and an almost 5 year old for four days and three nights. They are a bundle of energy so we had to think of things to keep them busy. One day we visited a drive thru Safari Park with a petting zoo. The oldest was not sure about the animals. The youngest screamed with delight when two animals stuck their heads in my car. I was in the backseat between two car seats trying to take photos and keep the llamas from eating my camera! The next day we found the cheapest entertainment loved by kids for generations – a water hose. Both kiddos loved running thru the water but our granddaughter was a beast trying to douse her big brother. Reminded me of when I was young – oh so long ago.
Our granddaughter screamed with delight as two llamas tried to barge their way into our car. This photo is not sharp because I was backing away as I took it but I love it anyway. There’s nothing like experience new things thru young eyes!“

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  1. Robert Rear

    What a wonderful capture!!!


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