How to Make Fun Halloween Effects in Editing


I really think the kids will love this. My boys got a kick out of it and they’re fairly accustomed to having their image goofed with and displayed in public. I guess it goes with the territory of being a photo tips guy’s kid. Curves can make your little monsters even more monstrous by drastically manipulating contrast. And if you throw some Boris Karloff lighting under your subject’s chin you can quickly have a Hollywood level effect and all you used was your workbench light and an old dirty, orange t-shirt. (Obviously you don’t need a dirty, orange t-shirt, but if you really want one, I’ll send you mine.)

I tried shooting my original picture with all of the room lights off (just using the light under the chin) but it was too drastic. You’ll probably want to leave some other lights on to fill in the shadows. The effect will still be there, believe me.

Let’s face it. This picture is just a way to goof with your picture editing program and have a little fun with the kids. This might be a great time to let the little future photographer in your life grab those little curve anchor points and let them create some of the magic.

And it’s actually rather satisfying to just play around and not try and fix a picture or achieve something close to “proper” color.

(Also, I’m rather proud of myself that I’m putting a Halloween card idea out there in plenty of time for people to actually do something with it if they’re so inclined. I actually used to have business cards with a little line on them that said, “Hey, I know what would have been a good idea.)



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  1. Linda Steffy

    I love taking pictures but I have the added problem of an Essential Tremor so have a difficult time getting clear pictures, especially at night or when trying to hold the camera/phone with one hand ~ practically IMPOSSIBLE!! I usually balance my arms/hands on something stable which helps but not always. It can be really frustrating! Any suggestions??? (I do have a same tri-pod for my camera, but not always practical to just “whip it out” at a moment’s notice, or carry it around with me!)


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