A Look Back at How I Photographed My Baby



Okay, so this may seem totally out of the blue, given that my son Teddy is almost 10 years old, but today’s Fan Photo of the Day on our Facebook page was a heartwarming photograph posted by Dana Reed of her new premature granddaughter (taken by a caring NICU nurse), and just had me remembering back to when Teddy was born prematurely, which then reminded me of this video I made with him back when we were just starting our new “How To Photograph Your Baby” website. (It was an epilogue at the end of my How to Photograph Your Baby DVD.)

With Alexander then 3 and Teddy approaching a healthy one year mark, I recorded this to offer tips and inspiration for photographing your own babies—by telling you about how I photographed mine.

Seeing today’s fan phone took Anne and me back to our own early preemie parent days and what our first year was like. After almost a year of feeding trouble and heart monitor, we were so lucky to be blessed with strong growth and relatively smooth sailing with Teddy.

So after rewatching this video I just thought it would be fun to share again with you here after all these years. Hope you enjoy it!



  1. Nancy Wade

    Absolutely precious!!!!

  2. Kim Dalena

    Love this!

  3. Sharon Kerr

    Delightful video!

  4. Terri Viola

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us and for teaching us how to share ours… We love y’all!

  5. Jeanne

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful blue eye boy.

  6. Cathey Potts

    I enjoyed it very much.


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