Holiday Photo Tips – Special Edition of the Nick Kelsh Radio Picture Show

For the holidays this year, and because a lot of you have asked for it, I’ve resurrected the NICK KELSH RADIO PICTURE SHOW. (For you How to Photograph Your Life veterans that’s the NKRPS.) 

For those of you that don’t know, the NKRPS is essentially a video blog. The facetious reference to “radio” in the title is there because I’m heard but, happily, never seen. In other words, I occasionally record these in my pajamas just like radio professionals.

I do a running commentary on top of photos taken by our fans and listeners. So the radio picture show is a series of still photographs and my thoughts on them. What exactly I say is decided totally spur of the moment. I try to teach, I try to encourage, I try to help you discover other people’s photographs, and yes, I try to entertain with varying degrees of success.

I used to do these several times a week and then, as it is the way of the Internet, I gave myself a break and stopped. Many, many people have asked me to pick up the NKRPS baton and keep running.

So running I am. But I have learned it’s a mistake to make promises I can’t keep, so therefore I’m committing to doing these for the holidays. If people like them and let me know I just might keep running. But for now I’m having a great time doing them.

If you’d like to post a photograph or consideration in a NKRPS all you need to do is post a comment under one of the shows that appear on our Facebook page. It’s really just about it. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to who’s pictures get in and who’s pictures don’t. If there were a system to this madness it would just take all the fun out of it.

So watch and enjoy the shows below… and please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

Hope you enjoyed the shows! Remember to leave feedback for our contributing photographers in the comments below—the support of our community is what makes what we do here so special.

Oh yeah, and don’t miss our sale if you want to take your own photos to the next level in the New Year!


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