IN MEMORIUM: Laverne King

Photograph by Terry Lodise

Our beloved Vernie died in July 2021.

Our community has been graced with so many kind, thoughtful, and generous people that it almost seems silly to say one of them was at the top. But Vernie was among the top of amazing people who have shared their time and photographs with us here.

She was the beloved friend and companion of our own Terry Lodise—beloved member of our How To Photograph Your Life family and frequent contributor of Fan Photos and kind words of support for fellow photo posters. 

We are so thankful that through her lovely photos and stories, Terry shared Vernie with us here in our community. And I am so fortunate that they lived in Philadelphia so I was blessed to be able to visit them at their home and spend time with them in person, sharing our mutual love of photography.

Terry’s beautiful portrait of Vernie here was a FAN PHOTO OF THE DAY in 2015.

Here are my original words: “Terry said she made this portrait after attending my World’s Greatest Photo Tip webinar. This does my heart good. (And she gets extra credit for not putting Vernie’s face in the middle of the frame.)  It’s a powerful image—the kind that becomes an instant family treasure and builds confidence as a photographer. That’s what The World’s Greatest Photo Tip is all about. Take a picture of someone you love, close up in beautiful light.”

Someone we all love. Vernie. And Terry. We hold you both close, in beautiful light.

All the love in the world to you both.

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  1. Lynette Fortson

    What a gorgeous portrait photo! I bet it captured her soul. My condolences

  2. BevAnne Moynham

    Great photo — thanks for helping us get to know her.

  3. Trudy jihnson

    What a beautiful dedication Nick. Vernie and Terry brightened many of my days.
    Hugs to you Terry.

  4. Elaine

    Beautiful! The friendship, the dedication, the photo!


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