#16. Cori Mayfield

In yet another chapter of just exactly how upside down our world is, this is smoke and flame on the West Coast. Seriously, just how much can people take? Those of us thousands of miles away send our condolences and heartfelt prayers. It’s just unreal. How much can people take? The answer, apparently, is a lot.
And, as always, in situations like this, it always feels strange to say this is a great photograph. It is.
Here are Cori’s words:
“Western Oregon is currently on fire. In this part of the state we usually escape the wildfire season. There is currently a fire burning about 10 miles from my home. We are safe as the winds are blowing away from us. We have experienced the craziest winds that I have ever seen over the last couple of days. I took this picture of the sky and my neighbor’s windmill last night.”

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  1. Susan Marsh

    It looks like the power of hell has been unleashed and is coming for that lonely farm. So dramatic!


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