#39. Carrie Dauenhauer Stanley

Photographing spider webs is almost always about lighting and choosing backgrounds carefully. That’s how you get those threads of whatever it is to glow. Dew certainly helps.
Notice the way the brightest beads of dew light up against the dark background at the bottom and the brightest drops of dew pop out against the darker sky at the top. I don’t think that was an accident. It’s a little visual dance that is just exquisite. The perfectly controlled elements beautifully echo the subject matter’s place very near the top of the most mind blowing things on the planet. Great photo, Carrie!

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  1. Christine Miller Caldwell

    Fantastic shot! Love the composition and colors.

  2. Chris Gladden

    This just might be my favorite!!

  3. Susan Marsh

    This is a fantastic photograph. I love it. Beautiful light and composition.


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