10 Tips for Better Baseball Photos

I’m no sports photographer, but as a photojournalist and a baseball dad, I have to say I’ve photographed my share of baseball games. Because I like to contribute to our wonderful Mt. Airy Baseball community I’ve photographed way more than my own kids’ games, so have learned a thing or ten.

I created this short video of “10 TIPS FOR BETTER BASEBALL PHOTOS” to help you capture the game in photos that you—and your baseball player—will love!


By the way, did you catch that photo after Tip 10 of the Cardinals team celebrating…well, okay, that image may be a bit of a spoiler but, I promise you, you’ll be glad to read what happened and see the photo-story. There are some times when you just feel lucky to have been there with your camera—that was one of those days for me.

And if you appreciated the tips why not share this video on your local little league or team facebook page or group to help baseball parents everywhere better preserve their fun memories? Just click the social media buttons below to share this video—thanks for helping spread some baseball joy.

So do you photograph baseball games? Please comment below to let me know your thoughts and what works for you. Or what other advice you’d like regarding photographing baseball…or whatever sports your kids play!


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