Banff, Canada / The Nick Kelsh Photography Workshop / Spring 2017

Here’s my take on Banff, Canada: I’ve been to places AS beautiful as Banff but nothing MORE beautiful than Banff –  that’s just not possible. (The Amalfi coast in Italy comes to mind.) When you drive from Calgary to Banff, watching the mountains rise out of the earth in the distance, you know you are in for a peak life experience. (Pun intended.) It’s better than you hope it’s going to be. It’s just that simple.

Seven of us gathered there for a Nick Kelsh Photography Workshop to share the joy and the wonder in May 2017. For five consecutive days we watched the sun rise over the mountains. (One participant wanted me to sign a statement stating that fact in writing, just so she could take it home to her husband. Without official documentation he would never believe it, she said.) The fog and the sunshine worked their magic and we celebrated with our cameras.  It was a lot like going to church, just a little colder.

We actually scheduled time for editing photographs in the hotel. But as we gathered to sit in front of a television monitor for a Lightroom lesson we looked at each other and said “why are we going to sit in a hotel when we could be out there in the van driving among the mountains?”  It was a no-brainer. We got in the van and drove and shared one of the most beautiful places on earth. Simply beautiful. Here are a few photographs just to give you an idea.  Believe me, the photographs do not do the experience justice – they are just our attempt to capture the majesty within the confines of our cameras.





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