#47. Anne Korte Gareau

Anne said her daughter is graceful and she wanted to capture that grace in her senior portrait. I totally got that even before I read her caption. They may be under a rough and tumble overpass, but it’s swirling choreographed graffiti on the right balancing her dance shoes on the left that tells the story.

This is a great example of an unexpected juxtaposition of objects that pleasantly surprise and inform. It’s all fairly simple, but the longer you look the more complicated and nuanced it becomes. Plus, any senior photograph taken by your mother is about 1000 times better than any senior photograph taken by anybody who charges lots of money.

This picture will resonate for generations. Wonderful work.

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  1. Nick Kelsh

    Nice comment, Nick.

  2. Cathy Chapman

    Way to go, Anne! This one was one of my favorites of yours!


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