Me and My Camera: A Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was thinking about what to write today, other than “I love you for being part of our wonderful How To Photograph Your Life community!” and “Be Mine Forever! ; )

(Of course I do love you for being part of our wonderful How to Photograph Your LIfe community and I do hope you’ll Be Mine Forever! : )

But I know for that to happen I need to get back to giving you more than we have been recently—and, believe me, we’ve been working on some great new programs for this year that we’ll be telling you about in the months ahead! (Hint: this weekend we’ll be launching something for everyone—from one hour FREE classes, to our next round of eight-week interactive courses to our 4 day LIVE DESTINATION WORKSHOPS! And we’re working on a new membership program for the spring to give you a regular ongoing source of photo instruction and inspiration (at two levels to cover whatever experience level you’re at.) So start thinking about what you’d love to do to take your photography to the next level this year and watch for the program(s) that will fit your needs!

But today I want to re-acquaint you with the heart of what we do here. And what better way to do that on this particular day than to re-share a video I did back when I started this gig—a video where share my love… for photography, the world I photograph, and our community of fellow photo-loving memory keepers…

(Not to mention, in it I give some key photo tips to help you immediately start taking photos you and your subjects will love.)

So click the video above now to watch my love story…and then afterward I hope you’ll share yours!

When I wrote my first book—the one that started my “How to Photograph” career it was titled How to Photograph Your Baby and to me the obvious tagline was Getting closer with your camera and your heart.

Well, even with our broader name change I think it still applies…

How to Photograph Your Life: 
Getting Closer With Your Camera and Your HEART!

So today, while you’re thinking of those you love, also consider why you love to photograph them, and why we all love to have photos of those we love to cherish forever.

Watch my love story now—and enjoy your own!

Stay in focus…and in love❤️




p.s. Now I’d love to hear your love story! Please share it below…


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