The Top 50 Fan Photos of 2018

#51 – Teddy Kelsh

This is not a typo. Photograph #51 of the Top 50 list was taken by my son, Teddy Kelsh. I really like the photograph and wanted to give him a pat on the back, but I also didn’t want to use up a valuable spot in the list that I could give to someone else. So this is sort of an honorable mention. In the end, of my three sons, Teddy could turn out to be the photographer. Time will tell. Congrats, Theodore! Here are my original words:

Teddy and his family were returning to the East Coast late Sunday from Wisconsin. Teddy, who always seems to get the window seat, turned to his dad, who always seems to end up in the aisle seat, and said, “Dad, quick, give me your phone!” He shot several frames in burst mode as the plane passed over Manhattan. Yes, the perfectly clear day made all the difference, but if you Google “Manhattan from an airplane’ Teddy’s version is right up there with best of them. He said he’s planning to submit this to Fan Photo of the Day, or as his family likes to call it “FAM Photo of the Day”. (In the interest of full disclosure, the image was edited by his father on the iPhone who’s quite good at it actually. It’s easier to edit in the aisle seat.)

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