The Top 50 Fan Photos of 2018

#28 – Judy Bruner‎

There is a special place in photo heaven for what Judy did here. And there’s also a special and separate category in photo heaven for the inventor of the digital camera which makes this so easy to do. Here are Judy’s words:

“I was in Chicago this past weekend. Hanging around Crown Fountain, I was enjoying watching this father and his daughter near the water from the fountain. I looked up just in time to catch as this little girl went in to kiss her Daddy. I knew I had caught a moment that I had to share with the father. So, I went up to him, showed him the picture, and talked to him for a little while. I got his email and sent the image to him. Photography is a gift. It feels good to share it with others with no thought for getting paid or getting anything from it. The satisfaction of giving the gift is plenty in times like this.”

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