Day After Election Day 2016


Alexander stayed up with us as long as he could last night and documented the history. This was on my desk when I came downstairs today. I’ll have him sign it and date it when he comes home from school.


It really happened. It wasn’t a dream…or a nightmare. It really happened.

Many of us are in pain today and many of us are not, but the fact is all we have now is each other. It’s time to hold hands and watch the sun rise which it happened to do this morning. When I ran out for some milk earlier traffic was still moving in two directions.

We are a strong country and that’s not changing. Together we can move forward, but only together.

All we have now is each other.

God bless America.



  1. Kathryn

    Thank you for your unifying words. We need to be together as we move forward.

  2. Colleen McAllister

    Thank you. I wish we all had such grace. Blessings.


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