The Top 50 Fan Photos of 2018

#12 – Karen Daugherity Rice

The next time you see a sports photograph that you love (after this one, of course) notice how simple and bold it is. The best storytelling sports photographs have been reduced to the simplest eye grabbing elements. There are a variety of ways to do this, but shooting from a high angle to reduce background distractions is very near the top of the success ladder. Karen shot this photograph from the stands using a telephoto lens to great effect. The way the referee’s eyes direct us to the action is just priceless. Here are her words:

“This photo just makes me smile every time I see it! I took this photo after the University of Calgary’s Dino’s QB #12 Sinagra threw for a TD. While the whole field was still watching the celebration in the end zone, I continued to watch the QB…. when the center lineman #56 Roy picked up the QB! I love how it shows the relationship between players and the size difference between the players and positions. The official also had a great response to this interaction.”

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