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How To Photograph Flowers (Part 2/2)

Our photographic celebration of life itself continues with Part Two of How to Photograph Flowers.  If you missed Part One, you can find it here. Again, I’ve used many of the photographs you folks posted on our Facebook page as examples – thank you for your talents and... read more

How To Photograph Flowers (Part 1/2)

We’re proud to present a two part series of HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH FLOWERS photo tips. Many of the pictures were taken by people just like you.  They love photography and they love flowers and they were willing to get their knees dirty. That’s pretty much all it... read more

Photographing Grandparents

Any visit with grandparents is an opportunity to add to the family photographic record— especially if they don’t live nearby. It’s not always easy or convenient to gather multiple generations in one spot—you can meet resistance at both ends of the age spectrum—but as... read more

Family Group Shots: What to Wear

Family portraits are pictures of people and faces and not pictures of clothes—this is not a fashion shoot. If the clothes dominate the picture then I think it’s going in the wrong direction. I think clothes in the official family picture need to be simple, elegant and... read more

Finding Beautiful Light

Beautiful, soft portrait lighting is all around us if you know how to look for it. Scout your house and neighborhood for a place that has this gorgeous light and you’ll be ready to shoot spontaneous headshots that have a classic, professional look. By that I mean a... read more

A Simple Headshot

Whenever I address the intricacies of the simple headshot, I start with this graphic.  I used my wireless lighting kit—that’s one little portable flash, an umbrella and a light stand. Today I’d just like you to consider many of the things that go into a simple black... read more

Telling Stories with Details

Learning to recognize the details that tell stories when you are out there in the real world is an acquired skill. It’s actually one of the great benefits of being a photographer. It changes the way you see everything. We are surrounded with symbols and objects that... read more

Photographing Water

Beautiful light makes just about everything look good, but when you mix it with some water it’s almost hard to miss. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself bathed in both of them sometime soon. If you and your camera both get a little bit wet, don’t worry, it’s going to be... read more

A Day at the Beach

The beach is one of those places where every single photographic possibility has been done several hundred billion times by several hundred billion amateur photographers and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We can all learn from each other’s mistakes and successes... read more

Making the most of your camera’s Fireworks function

One of the most popular features I’ve ever written for any of our sites were my tips to how to photograph fireworks. Here’s a link to that blog. The information that’s there is solid and you can proceed with confidence if you follow it. In those instructions you set... read more

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