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Nick Kelsh Weekend Workshops offer an intimate, immersive experience tailored to the location, season and group.


We’ve noticed what could be the beginning of an amazing trend as our Nick Kelsh Photography Weekend Workshops continue to grow and mature…

A few months ago we launched our initial weekend in the pastoral countryside of New York State where Anne grew up and we spend so much time with our boys. I love taking photographs there and wanted to share it with a small group of you in an immersive workshop. In order to be able to give personal attention to all participants, our groups are relatively small—between 10 and 15 people, and we were proud to draw them from as far as Arizona, Michigan and Florida.

It was quite an experience for us all. The attendees learned a lot from me and I learned a lot from them (which I shared in an earlier blog post). Lifelong photo-friendships were made and we had a lot of fun. The feedback we got was incredibly supportive and complementary; we decided to do it again.



Our first Country Weekend Photography Workshop in August.


We did our second Weekend Workshop at a different venue in the same area in October to take advantage of the spectacular fall foliage there.  (I have to tell you, our remote town in the Catskill Mountains was not exactly the easiest place in the world to get to. It didn’t seem to make much difference to participants, this time coming from Louisiana, Mississipi, North Carolina and more.)

To our surprise and delight one of the students from the first workshop immediately jumped on board for a repeat experience—an incredible confidence builder—for me—to be sure. I’ll be posting a blog about our fall event in a couple of days.

The feedback we got on this second workshop was through the roof. Personally speaking, it was one of the great photography experiences of my life.  Some participants from that weekend are even begging us to come to the deep South and do one on their home turf. Flattering indeed.



Our Fall Foliage Weekenders in October.


I’d honestly never considered the fact that people would want to invest a weekend with me more than once—especially in the span of just a few months. But last week, when we announced our third workshop—here in Philadelphia this December—two of our first three registrants were attendees from our first workshop.  Jaw-dropping—a pattern is forming.

This does a dedicated teacher’s heart a lot of good. Obviously, we’re doing something right, we have something that photo-enthusiasts want and they want more of it. I think that speaks volumes about what we’re doing here.

We’ve had three people who attended one of the first two workshops sign up to do it AGAIN—they loved it enough to want to repeat it!  We’ve only DONE it twice and three people jumped right in to register for another one—plus more considering rejoining us in Philly.

Our next one is “History and Holiday Lights in the City of Brotherly Love.” We’ll take full advantage of our historic location in Old City—and how could we not take advantage of the special seasonal photo ops available in a city decked out in twinkling holiday lights?! Learning to photograph in low lights and capture that ever-desirable holiday bokeh will be an added benefit to those of you getting ready to photograph your own family holidays ahead.


Want to capture History and Holiday Lights in the City of Brotherly Love? Join us for our next weekend workshop!


Although we cover the same key topics in each workshop (mastering manual mode, exposure, composition, landscapes, portraits, natural and artificial lighting, photo-editing) there are invariably different lessons to be learned from the different scenarios that take place. And let’s face it, no matter what your level of expertise, there is always something new to learn…from me, from each other, from the exercises, from the location/weather/light, from the experience overall.

Each workshop we do will provide another unique experience and opportunity to further grow your photography. And because each will have its own theme and flavor—reflecting its location, landscape, architecture, culture, and season—the opportunity to explore new scenery and situations with a new group of fellow photographers gives repeat attendees the chance to expand their photographic horizons even further.

And I must say, one of the most significant benefits of these intimate, immersive workshops is the value of committing yourself to a weekend indulging your passion of photography (be it hobby or profession) and to sharing this learning experience with a group of like-minded photo-enthusiasts. The sense of community and friendship that comes out of these gatherings is so rewarding.

We can’t wait to do the next one! And, obviously, neither can the past attendees who want to join us again.

I’m amazed and gratified. I do believe this means we must be doing something right.



Picture yourself as part of our next group!


Do YOU want to be part of our next group? Click here for our upcoming Philadelphia Workshop or let us know in the comments if you have an idea for a future Nick Kelsh Weekend Photography Workshop. We’d love to hear your suggestions.


  1. Gail Kreiser

    Spring on the prairie in Illinois!

  2. Carmen Tarantino

    As one of the repeat participants, I just wanted to say that if you can possibly make it to this weekend, don’t hesitate. Just do it. I was privileged to have attended Nick’s first Country weekend, and it was an invaluable photographic experience. Nick and Anne are wonderful hosts, and I feel that I have lifetime friends in them.

  3. Tricia

    Please consider Indianapolis or Cincinatti. I would LOVE to do this with my daughter!!

    • Tricia

      And I agree to give more advanced notice. The space won’t be available in my calendar unless I plan for it.

  4. Susan Leary

    Please consider San Diego. Perfect weather, several ocean fronts, Balboa Park, PetCo Park, Sea Workd. Wild Animal Park especial the truck tours up close and personal, the San Diego Zoo, Desert Two hours away, beautiful locations for city panoramas, interesting architecture both old and new.


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