The Top 50 Fan Photos of 2017


One of photography’s greatest attributes is that it provides us with an opportunity to make something beautiful out of our everyday lives. I try to do that with my camera most every time I take a picture, but for the last few days I felt that my contribution to the “beautiful project” was choosing and assembling the best of the best for our annual Fan Photos of the Year. I hope you’re as touched and moved by these pictures as my whole family has been this week.

One year from now, if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be posting a blog with a link to the best pictures of 2018. Maybe one of your pictures will be featured in that compilation. (If you shoot a picture this year that’s a contender it’s quite simple to put it on my radar. You simply post it on our Facebook page, How to Photograph Your Life.)  All year long, if I’m still breathing, I will be posting a fan photo worthy of recognition six days a week. I’ve been doing it for years now and it continues to give me great joy. (I have no plans to stop breathing this year.)

photo by Teddy Kelsh

And by the way, choosing the 50 “best” photos out of the roughly 300 photos from a single year is almost farcical. There are so many good photos that didn’t make it in this top 50 compilation. And then, to put them in order from 1 to 50 is even more ridiculous. But I plow ahead and do it annually.  My family tries to help, but to no avail. Teddy’s favorite photograph is the spectacular picture by Heather Kiloran Rees of the male and female ducks flying in perfect formation. Alexander loves the picture by Larry Myers of the bridge and ship in the fog. Anne has too many favorites to choose one single one to call the best but we both agree that this was probably the best set of photographs we’ve ever featured. We were both in tears as we went through all of the pictures.

The words under the pictures in the gallery are my original Facebook posts so some of them may feel dated or personal but I’m just leaving them. I wish I were a great writer because the pictures deserve better than me, but that’s a mountain top I’ll never reach. I will continue to try.

Also, it means so much to leave a comment under the pictures. Just a few words of kindness from a stranger have been known to change the course of countless lives. Please comment.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has ever posted a picture on our page. I remember so many years ago the increased heart rate that resulted from putting a picture out there in front of God and everybody.  It’s a big deal. I can also promise you that it will make you a better photographer. Take the leap. Post a picture in 2018. 



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