Workshop Page – 2017

Imagine joining me in an unforgettable photography workshop...

in a place with the most spectacular backdrop

seeing nature's beauty through your lens

making lifelong friends with your camera...

Becoming the photographer you want to be

Are you ready to re-energize your passion for sharing your world? 

We invite you to join us for a spectacular, yet intimate, and inspiring adventure

that will change the way you take photos forever.

So grab your gear and head on up to the Canadian Rocky Mountains for…

Nick Kelsh’s

Banff Photography Workshop:


“The Canadian Rockies”

  April 30 – May 4, 2017

(or choose a 2 or 3 day option instead)


It’s about you, your camera, the scenery, and the stories of your life.

Nick Kelsh's Workshops

offer an amazing opportunity to become lifelong friends with your camera...and your fellow photographers! Each workshop has a carefully chosen location with a program designed specific to that area and the season to create an experience in which you'll expand both your photographic and cultural horizons...not to mention, your friendships! In fact, because each place/season and group creates such a unique experience, a quarter of our participants have become repeat attendees! We're excited and proud to offer our first international destination—Oh, Canada! Click through the slider below to get the flavor of our past workshops.

Picture yourself in a Nick Kelsh Workshop

Each experience uniquely programmed for its time and place

Mastering Manual Mode Workshop 2014

Country Weekend Workshop 2016

Farmstay and Photography in Rural New York

Fall Foliage in the Catskills

Philadelphia Workshop 2017

History and Holiday Lights in the City of Brotherly Love

New Orleans Workshop

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

Connect... Inspire... Support... Grow... Enjoy...

The shared experience of a Nick Kelsh Photography Workshop will feed your photographic soul…

I went to the fall foliage workshop just wanting to have fun with other photographers, enjoy a chance to play with my camera, and figure out a few difficulties I had technically. I got that and so much more. So when Nick says it will re-energize your passion and build your confidence, it is NO EXAGGERATION!!!!! And it is loads of fun to boot!!!! (I hope to see y’all at another workshop down the road!) A workshop with Nick is not only a learning experience, but one where we laughed and shared our love for photography while building friendships in the process! I get emotional every time I look at the photos. Trying to find the words to capture the weekend and explain it to friends and family… “Awesome” and “amazing” and “wonderful” repeated over and over and over is pretty much what I’ve come up with so far. I think this is a case where I’ll have to let my photos speak for themselves! Nick and his wife Anne are as kind and fun as they seem online…even more so in person, I do believe! I hope to be able to attend once again! One of the attendees described it as a “once in a lifetime experience that I hope happens more than just once”— a perfect description of how I feel! 

Terryl Hicks, Louisiana

Nick Kelsh, totally from the heart, the (country) photography weekend workshop was really perfect for me… exactly what I needed and what I expected.  I was honored to be there, and would love to do it again.  Thank you so much for taking the time to top off our weekend with all that discussion and analysis in the post-workshop webinar session. It was the perfect way to review all the great times we had and the things we learned, along with tons of editing advice. It was fabulous, you are fabulous, Anne is fabulous. Thank you so much for everything. I am aching to do it all again. And I hope you (and ALL my new photographer-friends!) will come to Boston one of these days soon. I want more!!!”   🙂    🙂    🙂 Cindy Ringer, Massachusetts

Wow, Nick! Thanks for the incredible weekend! I was the newbie of the weekend, having just discovered your teachings a few months before the workshop. I still hadn’t had time to finish a single class. But fate intervened. With two weeks notice, I discovered an extremely rare open weekend in our family schedule. No easy feat with four young children. I took a chance and dove headfirst into an amazing experience. I was definitely the least experienced photographer for the weekend. And walked away with skills I will use the rest of my life. And friends.  Even the imperfections of the weekend are what made it perfect. I’m forever grateful to be a part of the first weekend workshop. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I’m no longer just a mom who likes to take pictures. I’m a photographer!” Cynthia Barclay, Ohio

An exclusive invitation to a spectacular part of the world

The Canadian Rocky Mountains

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”—John Muir (naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, glaciologist)

Majestic mountains surround a picturesque alpine town.  Glacier-fed lakes sparkle in sweeping valleys.  Lush alpine meadows and forests are home to a variety of wildlife.  Visitors to the Canadian Rockies pause and soak in the beauty that is the Banff National Park.  

Established in 1885, two years after a series of hot springs were discovered by railway workers, Banff National Park became Canada’s first national park.  The park includes more than 1,600 km (1,000 miles) of maintained trails, crystal-clear waters of lakes fed by glaciers, wildlife, alpine meadows, soaring peaks and breathtaking views.  And that doesn’t include the three ski resorts tucked within the national park.

“On a map, it’s just Highway 93; but when you are on it, the Icefields Parkway is breathtaking.”—Peter Banks (Mountain Madness Tour Diary)

National Geographic has called the Icefields Parkway one of the ten most scenic drives in the world, and we’ll explore its beauty on an excursion during the workshop. The parkway stretches from Lake Louise to Jasper and links the Banff National Park with Jasper National Park. More than 100 ancient glaciers can be seen along the way, as well as cascading waterfalls, striking rock spires and valleys featuring sparkling lakes. Mountain goats, deer, bears, elk and even bighorn sheep call this area home.

In other words, the Canadian Rocky Mountains are a photographer’s paradise!

So we’re excited to invite you to join us for a truly special experience… a beautiful vista of numerous photographic opportunities combined with an intimate, intensive, personalized, hands-on photography workshop. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from my lifetime of shooting photographs while visiting come of the most spectacular natural locations in Canada.

You’ll be inspired and challenged. You’ll photograph, explore, play, eat, relax, grow, bond and, I predict, above all else, be absolutely thrilled with how it will change your photography. You’ll gain the skills and confidence to take control of your camera. You’ll enjoy a memorable getaway and return home with those memories beautifully captured in the kind of photographs you’ve always dreamed of shooting—the kind that you’ll now be comfortable shooting consistently, that will enrich your life and the lives of those you love and those you photograph.


Why spend this time with me?

Very simply, you want to shoot beautiful photographs. Maybe you have a fancy expensive camera that you’ve never taken full advantage of. You’d love to confidently shoot in manual mode and you’ve decided you’re finally going to crack the proper exposure “code.”

You aspire to professional looking photos with out-of-focus backgrounds, the beautiful soft focus of bokeh lights, or the blur of motion captured, but think you could never do that!  Or maybe you can already do that but you want to free your imagination to explore your artistic side, using the amazing creative controls your manual settings offer.

And you’ve always wanted to dedicate time away from your daily distractions to your passion, this hobby you love. Getting together for a few days with like-minded photographers who share your enthusiasm for this miraclous medium sounds like heaven. 

I can help you. This workshop is for you. No question.

For me personally, these workshops could possibly be the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my career.  A list of the great photographic experiences of my life would have to include some of these workshops. They were thrilling, and I’m incredibly proud that the attendees have repeatedly asked when we can do it again – and attendees have come back for subsequent workshops!

I’ve hosted hundreds of seminars, retreats, public speaking events, webinars, and written and/or photographed nine books and I’ve come to the conclusion that a small group over a period of days may very well be the perfect teaching and learning format. 

There’s enough time for me to connect with every student personally and still give you time to be alone with your cameras and exercise your mind’s eye—in other words, shoot great pictures. That’s what it’s all about.

Yes, we’re going to make sure you’re secure in knowing how to use your camera in manual mode but I want more than that for you. I want you to think like a photographer. I want you to think in terms of photographic communication—I want you to tap into your inner storyteller. I want you to create images—during the workshop and beyond—that will enrich your life and the lives of the people you love.

I want to help you get there. And I want you to have good old-fashioned fun doing it. 

Oh, and one more thing…

I guarantee you’ll leave a better photographer.

But don’t just take my word for it…

See what others have said below:

My workshops are nothing, if not fun!

Below are some moments from various events I’ve done.


Nick Kelsh is a renowned photographer—with nine published books and repeat appearances on OPRAH and THE TODAY SHOW—who has become a photo-guru and friend to many thousands of family memory keepers and photographers of all levels. Nick’s passion for teaching and helping others, knack for creatively delivering photography instruction in easily digestible bites, and inspiring, entertaining style make learning photography easy and fun on his How To Photograph Your Life website, blog and Facebook Page, and in his popular online courses, live workshops and speaking engagements.



Here’s What You’ll Get:


A four-day immersive photography workshop surrounded by the rugged peaks of the Canadian Rockies in Canada’s first national park. We’ll kick off the event with a welcome dinner and introductory photo slideshow and discussion on Sunday evening.  Take advantage of your Free Bonus Session by coming early on Sunday for your personalized, one-on-one camera-settings checkup. We’ll then spend the next three days diving into the lessons, assignments, photo shoots, reviews/critiques and editing. We’ll work on mastering or reviewing your camera settings, lighting, composition, and many other specialized techniques and general tips. From our headquarters at the world-renowned Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, we’ll explore the beauty of Banff, the national park, Lake Louise and other scenic areas in and around Banff, including a trip out the famed Icefield Parkway to the Columbia Icefields Athabasca Glacier.  Our schedule will include both classroom style and in the field training, and will allow for flexibility to take advantage of optimum locations, time of day, and light conditions (and to adjust for weather if necessary)—for viewing and photographing the unique vistas of this area. You’ll leave refreshed and re-energized, with deeper photographic knowledge and skills; wonderful new photo-friends, a collection of photographs you’ll be proud of, and the confidence, creativity and control of your camera to consistently shoot the photos you’ve always dreamed of.

My Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop is a magical four day event that will:

  • Give you the confidence and skills to control your camera creatively in the daily situations that make for great photographs. 
  • Improve your understanding of various lighting situations and techniques, ability to expose photographs properly, compositional thinking, storytelling tactics and your post-processing and editing skills.
  • Establish new ways of thinking about your photography and the way you take pictures. It will help you not just relax but empower you…and it all shows up in your pictures. 
  • Make you aware of just what makes photographs that work…and photographs that don’t. You’ll be guided by me and enjoy the support and feedback from a diverse group of photographers who share your passion.
  • Give you a heart, head, and photo album filled with wonderful memories of a unique experience shared with what are surely to become lifetime friends. This is guaranteed to be unforgettable. 


Before the workshop begins you’ll be asked to upload a set of ten photographs to give us a sense of who you are and where you are in your photographic journey. It could be a picture of your family and then your photographic greatest hits and/or mistakes! I’ll review these with you in a private consultation call before the workshop and then we’ll share them with the group in our opening night presentation, as we get to know each other and all share our photographic achievements, challenges, and goals.


We welcome a diversity of experience and skill levels among attendees. I know that we’ll have students attending this weekend who could probably teach significant portions of it. On the other hand, we’ll have people with expensive cameras who lack the understanding of how to take full advantage of all the bells and whistles.

To level the playing field, I want to make sure that all attendees are relatively comfortable with their camera settings before we get to Monday morning.  If anyone who’s attending wants to get on the phone with me before the weekend, I will be happy to walk you through your settings.

You’ll be asked to watch (or review) my 60-minute “F-stops, Shutter Speeds, and ISO Made Easy” training in advance of the workshop.

Also, I will be available on location during the day on Sunday, April 30th, for anyone who wants to be among the first to arrive so that I can sit down one-on-one with you to demystify your camera settings. A basic knowledge of the exposure triangle and a rough understanding of how to take a light reading is going to go a long way here. Time for these one-on-one sessions is limited, so register and arrive early to take advantage of this bonus.

On the other hand, for some students, coming to grips with their cameras settings over the course of the weekend may be the huge personal milestone they’ve been dreaming of. It’s all good, believe me. My point is this: I want to help you before the weekend really gets going so we can maximize our time shooting photographs and telling stories.


We shoot photographs to tell stories so we will spend time addressing this all important topic.

We’ll talk about the how to tell a story in a single image and how to shoot a collection of images that tell a story.

We’ll focus on shooting photographs during this workshop that tell stories in a personal way…your way. I want you to go home with a set of pictures that was taken by a specific personality—you. That’s, after all, what good storytelling is all about; it’s the way the story is told and not the story itself.

I want your pictures to say something about how you feel about the world and the people you’re with. That attitude is going to result in the very best family photos when you get home.

And we’ll discuss the difficult but necessary task of choosing which images to keep and which to delete. We’ll discuss how cropping, editing, and converting to black and white can enhance your photos and the storyline.

Storytelling with a camera is an art and you will not leave the weekend having mastered it, believe me. But your ability to be a visual communicator will grow and flourish.

Essentially, we’re all going to photograph the same mountains, trees, lakes, people and views but, as all great storytellers know, the story is in the telling.  This is a profound lesson to learn as a photographer. 

It’s not about being self-centered, it’s actually the opposite. It’s about sharing your vision with the world. It’s what we photographers do.


A couple of weeks or so after the workshop we’ll have a followup session via webinar for a final overview of the weekend, review of your photos and editing lessons.

You’ll be asked to evaluate and edit your collection of photographs during the week following the workshop and submit a sample of them for my review with the group. We’ll discuss content, technique, composition, and storytelling and I’ll demonstrate editing techniques in Lightroom.

You’ll receive a recording of this session to download for review as needed—and as a keepsake of the group’s greatest hits and our shared experiences together during this memorable workshop.

Get 4 Great Training Bonuses!




In order to give you all the support you need, we’re giving you the added benefit of the following bonuses, making your workshop package even more valuable. This is our way of preparing you to get the most out of your weekend, and for optimal success afterwards. Plus the extra Nick Kelsh Portrait Session as a special thank you for those who come on board with us first!

Personal Pre-Workshop Phone/Skype Consultation & Photo Review with Nick

Discuss where you are in your photographic journey, your goals, challenges and any questions you may have. Get samples of your photographs reviewed for feedback, advice on how to prepare to get the most out of your workshop, and a personal plan for growing your skills to take your photos to the next level!  (Valued at $125)

Basic Photography Course (Self-Study)

The first module of this course will get you familiar with all your camera settings, and then you’ll learn, or review, the fundamentals of composition, artificial and natural lighting, photo storage/editing and more. Whether you shoot with a DSLR camera, point-and-shoot or even your smartphone, you’ll master the practical tips & techniques of the pros. (Valued at $79)

GOING MANUAL Course (Self-Study)

This is my best-selling manual photography course with everything you need to know to make the concepts of manual photography finally click! Watching (or rewatching) these 8 modules of video lessons will prepare you for the workshop and provide plenty of review after. You’ll get comfortable with the 3 key settings—the exposure triangle—and much more, to give you a great foundation to start taking your photography to the next level. (Valued at $159)

One-on-One Camera Settings Checkup (Live w/Nick before workshop)

Get a FREE one-on-one session with me to go through YOUR camera. I’ll give your settings a once-over and get you up to speed on all those buttons and dials! We’ll clear up any confusion or problems that have been holding you back. To take advantage of this chance to get yourself and your camera ready to hit the ground shooting you must arrive early on Sunday. Appointments are scheduled “first come, first serve” and missed sessions cannot be accommodated. (Valued at $100)

SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS: Free Portraits by Nick

During the workshop you’ll get FREE personal portraits by Nick Kelsh! Take advantage of this great opportunity to be professionally photographed by a renowned photographer—you could get casual, relaxed shots to share with the people you love, or a polished professional portrait for your business, website or social media. Includes retouched digital files.  (Valued at $350)

Our Venue: Banff

“Nestling peacefully in one of the most picturesque settings of the Canadian Rockies is the little town of Banff, a town that is lavishly endowed by nature with some of the most awe-inspiring scenery to be found upon the earth. In fact, the scenic environment of Banff is so colossal that it literally reduces the town itself to a mere speck, a tiny dot of civilization proudly courting Mother Nature in her grandest moods. The broad main street of Banff unrolls like a carpet to the base of Cascade Mountain, and there stops abruptly, as if powerless to penetrate the imposing barrier that blocks its way. —Narrator of the documentary film “Beautiful Banff and Lake Louise”

Our workshop will be headquartered in the picturesque alpine town of Banff in Alberta, Canada. Located in the heart of Banff National Park, the village is dwarfed by the rugged peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This charming town contains a diverse collection of dining opportunities, galleries, museums, activities, shops, and more, including the famous thermal waters of the Banff Upper Hot Springs that sparked the creation of Canada’s first national park.

Nearby attractions include the Banff Gondola and the Banff Upper Hot Springs, and the town is a convenient starting place from which to visit the world recognized Lake Louise and the many other lakes, waterfalls, mountains and towns in the park.

A short stroll from town is the an iconic Canadian landmark, where we’re excited to be able to host our workshop…

“Castle in the Rockies”

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel


This spectacular historic hotel—now a year-round luxury mountain resort—will serve as our base of operations for the duration of the workshop. Known as Canada’s “Castle in the Rockies” and declared a national historic site by the Canadian government, the hotel has provided hospitality to Banff guests for more than 125 years.

Uniquely situated in a splendid panoramic setting, the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel is known for its majesty, hospitality and scenery. A unique blend of opulence, seclusion, timeless beauty and luxurious comfort exists in this hotel modeled after a Scottish baronial castle. Fairmont Banff Springs offers superbly appointed guest rooms and suites with attentive, personalized service; a range of fine dining restaurants offering seasonally inspired, and locally/sustainably sourced menus; a world class spa/fitness/aquatic center and bowling alley.

The amazing outdoor setting, grand indoor spaces, and historic architectural details make this a perfect location in which to headquarter our photography workshop—not to mention offer you wonderful opportunities for relaxation during your free time!


Majestic Mountains… Stunning Lakes… Dramatic Skies… Wonderful Waterfalls…Wildlife…People…



Join us to capture the splendor!

And the fun 🙂 


Treat yourself to this valuable experience.

You deserve it!

There’s no doubt that this is a significant investment.

It’s a commitment to yourself and your passion that will pay you back for the rest of your life.

Consider this: for the cost of a memorable getaway under the experienced guidance of a renowned photographer you will grow as a photographer in joyful and unexpected ways that will enrich your relationship with photography for as long as you live.

You’ll always be able to tap into the moments and insights that are going to make this weekend so amazing. 

Plus you’re guaranteed to go home with some amazing photographs—and an amazing group of new photo-friends!

This is an opportunity you’ll want to experience if you can.

Ready to take your photography to the next level?

Join us now to be part of this spectacular experience!

Don’t miss this opportunity to grab your spot for an amazing photography workshop at this discounted price. The workshop is fast approaching so register now. (It’s 100% refundable for 48 hours, so it’s risk free to reserve your spot while you make suitable travel arrangements!)

So are the mountains calling YOU?

Join us for Nick Kelsh’s


Capture the grandeur of The Canadian Rockies!


Discounted investment:

4 Day Workshop: $1595 ($1795)

3 Day Workshop: $1295 ($1495)

2 Day Workshop: $  995 ($1195)

Discount expires April 25th.

REGISTER NOW to save $200!

Hurry to register now if you want to…

  • Save $200 on your registration
  • Grab your 4 BONUS TRAININGS plus take advantage of a chance to be professionally photographed by Nick.
  • Be first in line to claim a slot for your personal one-on-one live Camera Settings Session with Nick.
  • Be sure to get in. The workshop is coming up soon—you won’t want to miss out on this!

We need to finalize our headcount soon so act fast. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy this rare experience on the intensive road to photographic improvement—and to enjoy a wonderful time with like-minded photography enthusiasts in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

Want in, but not sure about travel/housing yet?


No worries… it’s RISK-FREE to secure your spot!


We understand that you may need a little time to look into travel arrangements or make plans with potential roommates—and we can help coordinate both— so we welcome you to register now to get a discounted spot (and secure your bonues) and, if you’re unable to make suitable arrangements, we will allow a full refund of your workshop fee for 48 hours after you purchase.

So you can reserve your spot with absolutely no risk, while you take the time you need to finalize your travel plans.

Still on the fence?

You may have lots of questions, so below are lots of answers!


Who is this for?

Very simply, this workshop is for anyone who wants to become a better photographer. Photographers of all levels are welcome. Probably the most satisfying experience will be had by owners of a SLR or DSLR camera. You want to be able to manually adjust your f-stops, shutter speed and ISO settings. Having said that, if you want to do this workshop with only a smartphone camera, I would welcome that challenge.  As long as you wouldn’t mind all the discussion of manual photography – that could be a wonderful photographic experience for sure. I will try to make the challenge for each participant personal and appropriate to their level and interest.

What’s included in the cost?

The workshop fee includes:

  • Four day photography workshop (Two or Three Day Options available too), with hands-on instruction, assignments, photo review, and editing instruction.
  • One hour Skype consultation & photo review with Nick
  • Bonus Individual Camera Settings Session with Nick if you arrive early on Sunday.
  • Nick’s Basic Photography Course (self study)
  • Going Manual Course (self-study version)
  • Follow up webinar after the workshop for photo review and editing instruction
  • Bonus Portrait Mini-Session by Nick (you get edited/retouched digital files)!
  • Welcome Dinner on Sunday, breakfast daily, and a closing lunch on Thursday.
  • All admission fees for park and any attractions we visit on the group photo tours.
  • Transportation during the workshop.

Not included:

  • Accommodations are not included and must be booked separately (See next question for hotel details.)
  • Airport transfers
  • Lunch and Dinner (except for the “welcome” dinner on Monday and lunch on Thursday) — you’ll be free to enjoy those meals on your own, or welcome to join us and we’ll eat as a group.

How do I reserve my room?

After you register you’ll receive information for how to book your room directly with the Fairmont Banff Springs. We have reserved double rooms (with two queen beds) at a cost of $165.00 CAD per person, based on double occupancy (full room rate: $330 CAD). King rooms are available at the same rate, although we’ve seen them available online for as low as $273 CAD. We’re renegotiating with the hotel in hope of bringing the room rates down further.

If you prefer, you’re certainly free to choose your own hotel. There are plenty of options in town, within just a few minutes’ drive—we’ll be glad to help you find one.

Can I room with a friend?  Or can you help me split the cost with another attendee?

Yes! It’s best for you to share accommodations with friends or fellow participants, as room price is based on double occupancy. After you register for the workshop, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group for workshop attendees, and you can find a roommate there if you don’t already know one.  If you don’t book with someone you know we’ll match you with a roommate if available…a great way to make new photo-friends!

Can I bring a spouse or other travel companion?

Yes, absolutely! It’s great to take advantage of such an opportunity to share such a trip.

We realize, though, that many of you will be looking forward to focusing on yourself and your photography this weekend—and bonding with fellow participants—so we will all, of course, respect that as the goal of our group. However, traveling companions will certainly be welcome to join us for meals and touring activities as space allows.

Please let us know at [email protected] if you are bringing someone. Once we have finalized our itinerary we’ll provide you a companion fee for those who’d like to join us, to cover their expenses for meals, admission fees, local transportation, etc.

What about meals?

Your workshop fee includes cocktails and dinner on Sunday, daily breakfast, and a closing lunch.

For the remaining meals you’ll be free to go out on your own, or you’re welcome to join Anne and me in a group meal (dutch treat).

What’s the location and directions?

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

405 Spray Avenue


Alberta, Canada T1L1J4

T: (403) 762-2211

Reservations: (866) 540-4406

Email: [email protected]

Google map:

Hotel map:

Directions and transportation info:

Where do I fly into and how do I get there from the airport?

You will fly into Calgary International Airport (YYC), which is approximately 80 miles ((130 km) East of the resort. Most major airline carriers fly into Calgary.  Taxis, uber cars and buses are options to get to the hotel, but we may also have people available to make airport runs to pick up attendees as needed.  We can coordinate arrivals in our Facebook group for attendees.

Airport shuttles are available via Banff Airporter from the Calgary Airport to Fairmont Banff Springs with regularly scheduled service. Reservations are required at least 1 hour in advance. Schedules and rates are subject to change without notice.  Taxis from the Airport start at $215.

Travel information can be found at the hotel’s website:

What about local tranportation?

We will cover all local transportation during official workshop hours.

What if I have special needs?

Please let us know if you have any special dietary or mobility needs.  You can email us at [email protected], or let us know if you’d like a phone call to discuss how to accommodate any concerns.

What equipment do I need?

Bring your camera and all the lenses you may want to use. If you have a tripod—and it’s not a hassle to bring—bring it. (Many folks in the past have brought their tripods and ended up not using them. It’s your call. It’s NOT mandatory.) If you own a detachable “speedlight” bring that, too. I will be doing a presentation about using speedlights (although, again, past participants have ended up not using them, so you decide). And, of course, chargers, portable batteries, a flash drive.

When you pack your equipment for our photo-tours, try to keep yourself light and mobile. Your choice of camera bag is important. We will be walking and will have some short hikes—and for the most part you’ll be using your camera and whatever lenses you own. 

Bring your laptop for post-processing your photos. We will do some editing work onsite during the workshop. I use Lightroom for editing and I’m going to suggest you do, too. If you plan to use Lightroom it would be good to have it installed before you get there.  If you need help learning to use it before the workshop, here’s a course I recommend:  😉

What else should I pack?

Comfortable walking shoes are mandatory—hiking boots optional—and you’ll want to bring clothes that will be comfortable! The weather can be unpredictable, and we may be out from morning through evening, so we recommend layers. Also, remember that temperatures will vary with the altitude. Advice from a local: If  you have one of those light puffy jackets, that would be ideal because eveings can be cold. Gloves and hats are also recommended, and boots are option—be sure to check the current weather forecast before packing. Temperatures at that time of year tend to range from the mid-30s to mid-upper 50s—but anything can happen weather-wise!  Also, it’s wise to bring a raincoat (which we hope you won’t need!) and rain/sun hat.  

Warm weather clothes not required but the hotel does have a lovely spa, so bring a bathing suit if you want to swim or use the hot tubs. (If you want a treatment, it’s recommended that you book ahead—there should be robes in the rooms.) Also, you may have a chance to soak in the Upper Hot Springs, if time allows!

Keep in mind that you’re going to end up in photos taken by me and others throughout the workshop (which I may share in my blog or facebook page), so take that into consideration if you care—seasonal outdoor clothes, avoid t-shirts with logos, etc.

The dress code for the hotel restaurant where we’ll have our welcome dinner is “resort casual.”

*And for the bonus portrait sessions, remember to bring whatever clothes you want to be photographed in. If you’re wondering what’s best to wear for that, ask yourself what you want these photos for… a nice personal photo for your family or social media? A business headshot for your work?  With your camera for your photography page? Just dress accordingly. In terms of colors, black isn’t great, bright white is the worst and solid colors are always the safest way to go. 

What will the weather be like?

Of course we hope it will be picture-perfect but we have to be prepared that anything can happen weather-wise. (Our itinerary will be flexible to accommodate weather and light and we will shift outdooor/indoor shoots accordingly.)

Temperatures at the beginning of May are predicted to average highs of 57 and lows in the mid-30s. Rain is possible and, yes, it’s the mountains, so even snow is possible!

But as of now the forecast calls for mostly sun and clouds—let’s hope that holds up as we get closer!

Remember to check the weather before you pack. As we approach the week, you can check the weather here:

And a good app to download to your smartphone is: 

Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing.

What is the cancellation policy?

Your workshop fee is fully refundable up until April 25th. This will allow you to secure your spot—to take advantage of the discount and special bonus—but be risk-free, with time afterward to be sure you can get travel arrangements in place. (Please contact us at [email protected] if you’d like help with arrangements.)

What if I have more questions?

Please email Anne at [email protected] and she’ll be happy to get on the phone and discuss any questions you have. She can offer advice about transportation, rooming and other logistics to help make the trip manageable, affordable and possible for you.

So are you ready for a Canadian Rocky Mountain Photography Adventure?

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This special workshop, which I, as your trusty photography guide have carefully and lovingly programmed for you (with the help of local experts) is sure to engage, enrich and inspire you…in mind, body and soul!   

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I hope you’ll join us for a memorable time and I look forward to helping you…


Stay in focus.



Nick Kelsh is a renowned photographer—with nine published books and repeat appearances on Oprah and The Today Show—who has become a photo-guru and friend to many thousands of family memory keepers and photographers of all levels. Nick’s passion for teaching and helping others, knack for creatively delivering photography instruction in easily digestible bites, and inspiring, entertaining style make learning photography easy and fun on his How To Photograph Your Life website and blog and Facebook Page, and in his popular online courses, live workshops and speaking engagements.


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