Oooooo! Announcing Our Halloween Photo Contest Winners!

Nothing says family memory-keeping more than photos of our kids enjoying time-honored holiday traditions. So before we look ahead to the upcoming holidays, take a moment to look back at our Halloween Photo Contest winners.

I’d like to give a big boo out—that doesn’t really work does it?—to everyone who posted. We loved seeing all your photos and you’ve given me so many good ones to feature in next year’s Halloween tips, posts and webinar. (Be sure you’re on our email list so you won’t miss out on all of our upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday photo tips and events—not to mention, maybe see your Halloween pics featured next year! Click here to get my photo tips and events delivered to your inbox.)

There were so many fun and funny and scary and silly and just plain heartwarming and cute photos entered in our Halloween Contest Facebook Event. Our winners—determined by popular vote (“Likes”)—receive a $100 “How To Photograph Your Life” Credit—good on any Nick Kelsh course or workshop!  (That’s not exactly a full ride scholarship to the university of your choice, but we hope it helps.)

And the winners, in triumphant order, are…


First Place. Yes, it’s true, Molly Hoover actually went to a real live toy store and created this scene. There’s a real girl in a real box and she’s in a real toy store. Molly, you deserve all the accolades I know you’ve already received. Fantastic work. Congratulations!



Second Place. Liz Sharp Griffin has just completed the Portraits and Lighting course so I had already seen this come through in the course gallery before she entered it in the contest. I will tell you here what I told her there: I’m a little at a loss for some words that will somehow help you improve this photograph. The pose and the costume and of course the model are perfect. But I must say, the color coordination of that stable with the stablemaid are truly stunning. It’s wonderful; I really have nothing else to say. (Okay, I wish I had taken it. There, that’s something.) Bravo.



Third Place: Melody Rummel. It’s subtle, but all of that dark detail is really essential to the success of this group shot.  The dead seriousness of their expressions— no pun intended— make for a truly disturbing and appropriately scary image. Beautiful execution. Pun intended. Love it.



And finally, a special Honorable Mention winner that we have chosen to call Judges Choice.  (It just so happens that I’m the we and the judges in that previous sentence.)  Anyway, there was no way that I was going to let Mary Day Burgy’s  spectacular coven slide by without some recognition.  The thoughtful touches of the electric lights and the jack-o’-lantern face add so much dimension to an almost otherwise simple silhouette. I can’t help but think how proud your children are going to be that their mother went a little bit bonkers with her camera on the holidays and produced family classics like this, Mary.  You should be so proud of yourself, too.


PLEASE NOTE that both our 2nd place and Honorable Mention winners received votes for a series of photographs and, trust me, you don’t want to miss the rest of the series. So below are links to our contest winners in the Facebook Contest event so you can give them a shout out there and see the rest of their series photos.

1st Place: Molly Hoover (Special Edition Olympic Track Star Barbie)

2nd Place: Liz Sharp Griffen (Costume portraits—3 photos)

3rd Place: Melody Rummel (girl ghouls)

Judge’s Choice: Mary Day Burgy (Witches Brew Stand—13 photos)

And be sure to scroll through all the entries here too—there are so many good ones!

So that’s a wrap for HTPYL Halloween 2016! Don’t miss our upcoming holiday photo contests—not to mention of course, tons of photo tips, free classes, webinars, ebooks plus notification of my Facebook LIVE events—coming up throughout the holiday season ahead . Click here to get my photo tips and events delivered to your inbox.

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