Portraits and Lighting November 2017

Master the skills and gain the confidence to photograph what will always be the premier subject for anyone with a camera—the human face. Nick distills decades of professional experience into 8 memorable, content-packed weeks, you’ll learn natural and artificial lighting techniques used by pros since the beginning of photographic portraiture to create beauty and drama—while embracing the amazing capability of 21st century technology. Learn all aspects of portraiture including posing, directing, the home studio, locations, editing, and common business practices.

The course starts on November 27. You’ll receive a reminder email then and have access to the first lesson. Every week after that, on Mondays, we’ll post a new lesson until the course is completed.

Join the private Facebook page exclusively for this group that we’ll use as the gallery. You’ll post your assignment photos there and I’ll respond with my comments. With much experimentation we’ve found that Facebook is the easiest and most streamlined system for sharing photos possible.

You’ll have access to the materials on this site for three years. You can always come back to the lessons to refresh and inspire yourself.

Finally, what you’re about to do requires a little courage. Putting your photography out there into the real world for strangers to react to is a big deal. Soon these stranger will be your friends. You are not alone in the boat. Everyone is here to help. If you embrace this situation it’s going to change your relationship with photography forever—at least that’s what hundreds of previous students have told us.


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