How to photograph the new school year

A Solution to the annual First Day of School Photo

Something I like about a concept photo like this is that it’s solved a much larger problem. The problem in this particular case is how am I going to photograph my daughter on the first day of school this year? Or next year? Or in five years? Molly—if she’s so inclined—has solved that problem with one big creative decision… read more

First Day of School Portraits

There are weddings and graduations and births and back-to-school. It’s just one of those classic childhood, family moments made for photographic memories. And it’s also something that happens fairly quickly— it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Often times, a fairly straightforward shot will do. But so many photographers have put their personal spin on it that it’s nice to see what others have done before the big day… read more


You can tell a photo story by going back to the same location at different times.

This is a great back to school photo concept.

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