Environmental / Lifestyle Portraits Sessions for your Website and Social Media

(Or choose our Basic HeadShot Option instead)

by renowned photographer Nick Kelsh

Environmental / Lifestyle Portraits Sessions for your Website and Social Media

(Or choose our Basic HeadShot Option instead)

by renowned photographer Nick Kelsh

Environmental / Lifestyle Portraits Sessions for your Website and Social Media

(Or choose our Basic HeadShot Option instead)

by renowned photographer Nick Kelsh

Environmental / Lifestyle Portraits Sessions for your Website and Social Media

(Or choose our Basic HeadShot Option instead)

by renowned photographer Nick Kelsh

Environmental / Lifestyle Portraits Sessions for your Website and Social Media

(Or choose our Basic HeadShot Option instead)

by renowned photographer Nick Kelsh

Environmental / Lifestyle Portraits Sessions for your Website and Social Media

(Or choose our Basic HeadShot Option instead)

by renowned photographer Nick Kelsh

FOREVER™ Ambassadors…

Does your website and social media presence show your clients who you are and why YOU can help them?


  • Do you wish you had beautiful, updated, modern format photos for your website and social media? 
  • Are the photos you do use outdated, amateurish, smartphone selfies, unprofessional,
  • Do you feel they don’t fully represent you, or you at your best? Do they lack “punch” or impact?
  • Have you resorted to obvious impersonal stock images?

Or you might not even have any personal portrait images on your website or social media?  Or don’t have enough. Or they’re not current…

Maybe you’ve tried to take your own photos, or have amateur friend take some, or maybe you’ve just filled your website w/stock images.

Well, that’s understandable, because profession portraits can be very expensive and it’s hard to find the time and money to prioritize getting them done.  You have to figure out what you want or need, find the right photographer, take a few hours out of your busy day, and a few hundred dollars out of your budget. It’s a project that often goes to the back burner, but we’re here to help!

FOREVER Live! is offering two great solutions for you…

These special offers makes it convenient and affordable for you to put your best face forward to promote your brand to your clients!

Renowned professional photographer—and FOREVER friend and partner—Nick Kelsh (whose mission also also happens to be mentoring the family memory keeper with their own photos!) will now be offering, in addition to his Basic Headshot Package,  extremely affordable 25-minute Environmental/Lifestyle Portrait Mini-Sessions conveniently photographed during your free time right on location at FOREVER Live!™ in Pittsburgh. 

Don’t miss this chance to get beautiful professional portraits that will update your website, personalize your brand, attract clients with their authenticity, and provide engaging images to enhance your social media presence.

Taking advangage of this opportunity will get that “I’ll invest in a professional photo shoot…someday” item off your Long Term To-Do list, save you the need to save up for up it, and, most importantly GET IT DONE now, to give you immediate images so you can start benefiting from an updated look right away!

Read on to learn more about these two different options or click the button below and choose which one works best for you!

Picture yourself

in a natural-looking

portrait composed to

leave room for your

website copy.

Show your serious side.

Be engaged in your work…

Or be casual and comfy

and just show who you are

Show yourself

doing something

you love to do.


how professional, polished and authentic your Forever business will appear when you promote your Ambassador role in personalized images that build your confidence and the confidence of your clients.

Picture having images that make you proud to present your website and social media pages to the world, confident that they’ll be appealing to your audience…

(Not to mention, images you’ll enjoy every time you see them yourself!)

When future clients come to your site, they’ll be drawn in by your beautiful portraits—your engaging personality, sense of professionalism, spontaneity, and even fun of shots that show them who you are…and who you’ll be to work with!

It’s especially important when you’re in the business of helping people work with their photographs to make a statement with your own photos about your aesthetic, judgement, personality, and professionalism.

Click through the gallery below to for samples of Nick’s Environmental Headshots

Why book a portrait session with Nick Kelsh?

Nick is a nationally acclaimed photographer whose skills and talent have been strongly endorsed by both clients and the media.

Published Books

Television Appearances

Facebook Fans

Years of Experience

For decades, renowned photographer Nick Kelsh has perfected his craft,  developed his bold, dramatic style and honed his process to capture gorgeous images more efficiently/quickly than any photographer around. In both corporate and personal photography business he’s known for and appreciated by clients for his decisive approach to efficien t quick sessions that won’t waste your time and consistently produces impressive quality results.

Trained in photography at one of the world’s top photojournalism schools, University of Missouri, and with twenty plus years of photojournalism experience with top newspapers, Nick knows how to capture real, authentic moments.

His photography has been featured in dozens of national and international publications and books,  he’s been endorsed by Olympus as one of their prestigious “Visionaries” and by Samsung in their Imagelogger Program,  chosen as “one of the top 100 photographers in the world” to participate in the Day in the Life book projects around the world (had more cover photos for that series than any other photographer) and has had  multiple appearances on Oprah and The Today Show

Nick offers high end photography services sought by top corporations and high profile individuals—normally commanding a significant investment—so this is a rare opportunity to be photographed by a notable photographer for at such an affordable rate.


This is the first time Nick is offering 25 minute mini-sessions for Environmental/Lifestyle Portraits at a conference, but here’s how people have responded to his 5 minute standard conference headshots in the past:

Thanks for these!! … Boy you are talented! I sure didn’t feel comfortable doing a head shot sandwiched in after a long day and then a party at night… but you sure know how to get a relaxed comfortable look!! Thanks! So much!!



Executive Ambassador, Forever

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering [your portrait sessions] at the NAPO conference.  I have been wanting to get new head shots for the last few years…It has been difficult to research and find a photographer, and then have the $ to get them done. So please know that you have made a HUGE difference to me and my business by making this easy and affordable.

I am looking forward to seeing the photos soon.


Certified Professional Organizer CPO®

Thanks for my headshots – you made me look responsible and approachable : ) 

Thank you again!

Eileen Moynaham

Professional Organizer, Legacy Estate Organizing

Thank you, Nick! I’ve downloaded the photos and updated all my online spots. They look great!

Thank you.

Michelle Earney

President, NAPO-DFW, Owner and Chief Organizer, Unhurried Life


Environmental/Lifestyle Portraits by Nick Kelsh

Nick will photograph you on location at FOREVER Live!™ Hotel Headquarters in Pittsburgh in up to 4 convenient locations taking advantage of a range of visually appealing backgrounds that will be generic enough to represent your own brand.

With careful choice of locations, and creative use of shooting angles, lighting and photographic techniques, the image backgrounds will appear generic enough to represent your brand, so don’t worry, they will not appear to have been shot at a hotel, (unless it is to represent you at the FOREVER Live!™ conference, training and networking to increase your professional photo organizing skills!)

Images will be delivered in high resolution digital files via Dropbox within one week. You’ll receive 8 curated, edited images (with basic retouching) from 4 different, visually diverse scenarios. You will have unlimited use of your images.

(This package does not include specific retouching requests, but Nick will gladly offer any additional editing or more elaborate retouching that you may request for an additional fee to be mutually agreed on.)

This photography package would typically be valued at $500 dollars and up.

But you can get this package with our special offer when you purchase today for 

Just $199

(Or choose the Basic Headshot Option for just $59)

(The Regular Conference Price, if any openings remain past the Early Registration Deadline of June 15, will be $249)

Availability is extremely limited and we expect the sessions to book up quickly. So register now to secure your spot.

Don’t miss out on the advance purchase discount which ends June 15!

Think about how much improving your professional image on your sites could increase your business and take advantage of this offer now to start attracting more clients!

So grab a spot before they book up now—it’s risk free, as you can cancel for a full refund any time up to June 15, 2018

ThisFOREVER Live!™ SPECIAL OFFER for Lifestyle Portraits by popular pro photographer Nick Kelsh will give you a variety of professional images to add polish and credibility to your website and social media pages. But don’t delay as spots are limited and you’ll need to book soon to take advantage of the advance purchase extra discount and grab one of the bonus pre-consultation slots. There’s no reason not to reserve your spot now, protected by our 100% cancellation refund by March 10.

Click the BOOK YOUR SESSION button below to secure your spot now!

Nick Kelsh Portrait Session at FOREVER Live!™ 2018

$199 when you purchase TODAY! 

($249 after June 15 if space is still available)

Don’t need environmental portraits for your brand?

Choose our Original Offer:

Basic Headshot Package


Put your best face forward with a professionally photographed headshot for your social media profiles or website. Take advantage of this special opportunity to be photographed by renowned photographer Nick Kelsh (repeat guest on Oprah and Today) in convenient, quick, affordable sessions at APPO Conference 2018 during Marketplace hours.

I’ll get you in and out in just 5 minutes and you’ll receive digital files in 4 versions: vertical and square crops in both color and black and white.

When you’re in the business that revolves around photography, how you present your own image matters! It’s important to maintain a professional public image with a current professional headshot. (But, let’s face it, especially in your line of work, doesn’t it just make sense to present yourself in the most professional, uncluttered, neat and positive image you can? 🙂 )

Maybe you just want to look great in your personal profiles pics too!


Click the button below to 

Get the 5 Minute Headshot Package now for just $59


(or read through the whole page to learn more about the

Environmental Portraits Package so you can compare which is best for your needs)

We’ll have photo props available

But bring some of your own

to personalize your brand.



Why get portraits taken at FOREVER Live!™?

Because it will be…


Shooting sessions will be right in our hotel headquarters at FOREVER Live!™ in Pittsburg, during your free time.  It couldn’t be easier for you to fit in a photo sessions.


Nick Kelsh has earned a reputation for delivering great results by working quickly.  So you can easily fit in a 25 minute  session between scheduledAPPPO events.


Nick is a renowned photographer with decades of experience and a close relationship with FOREVER so you can trust that you’re in great skilled hands!


FOREVER Live!™ is sponsoring this opportunity to give you the chance to get professional portraits taken to enhance your business at an amazingly affordable rate.

Do you have a special hobby

you’d like to convey?

Being photographed with

your camera, your knitting,

or a favorite book

says something about

who you are and adds

authenticity to your brand

What You Will Get

Set of Portraits

You’ll receive 8 curated, edited (with basic retouching), high resolution digital files, from 4 different, visually diverse scenarios.

Website Enhancement

You’ll have unlimited use of your files to use when and whereever you like.  You’ll get images to use full width, composed to accommodate copy!

Social Media use

Use your images for your profile and cover photos on social media, or for posts whenever you need them.

Love your new look!

Enjoy having updated photos that will be fresh and current,  reflect who you are, and make you authentic and accessible to your audience.

Basic environmental headshot

You’ll definitely want a lovely close-up headshot portrait of just you in front of an unobtrusive but realistic neutral or out of focus background. Your headshot may be taken indoors or out at Nick’s discretion.

We'll use generic backgrounds

Nick will pre-scout hotel locations to find appropriate backgrounds both indoors and outside that will be generic and neutral enough to work for  any brand.  Making use of photographic techniques such as reflections, blurred backgrounds or bokeh will help Nick keep the backgrounds generic and flexible and will give your portaits the professional style and look that is popular in website design today.

Indoor Shots

The scenes will be varied by location but will include some of you working, at a desk or table. We’ll have some Photo-Organizer props available, but bring your some of your own for personalized branding. 

We’ll also shoot you “in-action” at the conference, showing the added-value of your professional expertise to your audience!

You can include other people, at your own arrangement.

Outdoor Shots

At least one outdoor shot, weather permitting. Perhaps there’s some vegetation in the background, or against a wall with interesting pattern or texture. Maybe there’s a park bench to sit on.

Lifestyle photography captures people “in-action” — in situations, real-life events in the art of the everyday.  Environmental shots are somewhere between the purposely posed shots of a studio portrait (they are posed and they are unmistakably ‘portraits’) and candid shots which capture people almost incidentally as they go through their daily life.

Show your potential clients your personality!


What are the four locations/backgrounds?

With four different photographs we want four different “looks.”  We don’t want all of these photographs to look like they were taken at a hotel.

The scenes will be varied by location, photography technique and any possible prop or wardrobe variety you may have prepared for.

One of them, weather permitting, will be outdoors. Perhaps there’s some autofocus vegetation in the background. Maybe the subject is sitting in workbench.

In another, the subject will be working at a desk or table. Once again, the background will likely be out of focus and moody, putting the emphasis on the subject. 

In another, we are in close on the subject. The background is out of focus but we see just enough of the real world to know that she’s out there getting things done.

Finally, there’s a picture that shows our subject at a conference. How convenient! She’s becoming better at what she does. Networking and gaining skills in the field of photo-organizing. She’s studious and serious. But also having a good time, of course!

And there are always the unforeseen moments that make photography feel so spontaneous, so we will remain flexible to variation depending on subject, time, weather and any other options that may present themselves.

How can I look different in the various scenarios?

Obviously the limited session time will not allow for full wardrobe changes but we encoursge you to bring alternate tops and accessories that can be very quickly changed to add flexibility to your look. Three of the four situations will be shot waist up, so things like jackets, cardigan sweaters, coats or shawls added to neutral top can change a look significantly, as can accessories like jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, hats, or hair clips/ornaments. Thinking of ways that you can add or subtract such clothes or accessories to switch your look from casual to professional can add to the diversity of your photos. If you’d like to actually change your top (very quickly!!) there will be an accessible private bathroom in the suite to change in.

What should I wear?

Solid colors are good (neutrals or bright); solid black is not great and solid white is about just about the worst.  But if florals or patterns are important to your personal style, sure, go for it. (Note: Stripes usually don’t work well in photos!)

Patterned/floral/colored scarves are an easy way to add color and personality.

Will there be a stylist to help with hair and makeup?

No. You will be responsible for your own look. Nick is not a stylist and there will not be time to fuss over hair and makeup (so come prepared!) but as a photographer Nick will of course be considering and adjusting obvious hair/neckline/jewelry positioning issues.

You will have access to a bathroom and mirror but please keep in mind the limited time—you won’t want to spend it prepping and primping.

What should I do with my hair?

You’re asking the wrong guy! 🙂  Just kidding, first we don’t recommend getting a haircut just prior to the shoot, as there’s always the risk you won’t be happy with it!  If you need one get it far enough in advance to be comfortable with it by conference time.

Natural hairstyles are best, and if you want to have it look different in the various images, consider easy styles that can be changed quickly such as a quick, casual ponytail or twist with a clip or a headbands/hats, sunglasses on your head, etc. How you wear your hair in each scenario is up to you, as long as you can adjust it quickly!

Bring your own comb and brush.

What about makeup?

We recommend doing your makeup as you typically would.  A natural looking, polished makeup style is best for a professional image. The important thing is to look like yourself, natural, approachable, friendly. Unless your typical daily look involves more bold makeup, you will not want to look “overdone.”

As the stylist at The Today Show told Nick, “Everybody needs a little powder!” So be sure to bring yours!

What about jewelry?

Bold jewelry can portray your personal style, make a statement and be an easy way to change the look of a neutral top worn in multiple different scenarios.

If your style is small, intricate jewelry that’s fine too although it won’t do much to change the overall look from shot to shot.

Please consider, given the limited time, that you won’t want to waste it with fussy or difficult clasps, etc.

Any tips for flattering fuller figures?

Solids, jackets, darker colors are all generally more flattering. You’ll do best to stay away from any horizontal patterns. Consider sleeves, longer jackets, scarves to camouflage any areas you may be sensitive about. Scarves and jewelry can often draw attention away from problem areas and up to your face. And, don’t worry, as an experienced professional Nick will suggest the most flattering poses for you.

(After you receive your images if you’re interested in additional body retouching, extra editing can be done for an additional fee.)

What about props?

We will have some generic props applicable to photo storage—printed photos, albums, an Apple laptop you can have open to a Forever account page.

But you should consider bringing a simple prop or two to add or use instead if you want to convey your own style or brand—your own laptop if you’re not a Mac user,  your smartphone, handbag or totebag, Forever merchandise, a branded folder, personal albums, business cards, or any other personal prop that’s says who you are (remember you are also your brand, so you don’t always need to just show professional props—consider whether you want an image that says something about you personally like a hobby—your camera if you’re an avid photographer, or a book if you like to read on a park bench!)

Can I have other people in the shots?
Sure. That can definitely be a plus If you’d like to have images that portray you working with a client or networking at a conference (like, say, the FOREVER Live!™ conference!) it will be your responsibility to find a friend or colleague to help you out. (Maybe you can pose for each other in exchange.) But keep in mind, that we cannot hold up our schedule if your colleague is late to your shoot.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Cancellation Policy:

Appointments can be rescheduled or cancelled through March 12, 2018.

Appointments cancelled prior to the cancellation deadline will be refunded 100%.

Due to limited availability, appointments cancelled between March 13 and March 19 will be refunded subject to a 50% cancellation penalty.

Cancellations after March 19 and No-Shows cannot be refunded.

What if I’m late to my session?

Unfortunately, given our extremely tight schedule, we will not have the flexibility to shift or extend your scheduled time slot.

Therefore you must arrive on time (we recommend 5-10 minutes early)! Any missed time at the start of your session will be sacrificed. But Nick will gladly work as quickly as he can to maximize the shoot in whatever time you have. Please note that if you fail to arrive punctually at the start of your session Nick cannot guarantee shooting 4 different scenarios.

Where do I meet Nick for the sessions?

Omni William Penn Hotel, Bedford Room on 17th Floor

Is there anything else I should bring?

Yes, keep in mind if you’re bringing changes of clothes, accessories, grooming aides, and/or props you’ll want to have an easy, roomy tote to carry it all from location to location and provide easy, quick access to your stuff.  You won’t want to waste time digging or struggling to pack/unpack/find what you need.

How will we accomplish 4 scene changes in 25 minutes?

Don’t worry, Nick is one of the most efficient photographers you will ever work with!

He will be fully prepped on locations and lighting conditions and is a seasoned pro when it comes to working with subjects, so can get you relaxed, posed and photographed quickly.

The key for you will be to:

  • ARRIVE ON TIME—or better yet, a tad early!
  • Fix your hair and makeup in advance
  • Come prepared and very organized
  • Be able to make any desired wardrobe/accessory/prop changes quickly
  • Be ready to pack up and move quickly between shots
What if I have other questions?
If you have any questions we haven’t answered just shoot Nick an email at [email protected]

Be spontaneous.

Be fun.

Be yourself…

Be photographed!

Have you been putting off getting professional portraits?

Are you always too busy?

Don’t know what you need?

Haven’t considered how it could enhance your business?

Don’t have the budget for professional photography?

Then this is your opportunity…

A Nick Kelsh Environmental/Lifestyle Portrait Session 

at the FOREVER Live!™ conference

is a fun, easy, convenient (just 25 minutes) and affordable solution! 

Click the button below to book now!

(You’ll also have the option to choose the even more affordable 5 Minute Basic Headshot Package)

Are you someone who just

hates being photographed?

Don’t worry, environmental or lifestyle portraits

offer creative ways to capture your personality,

so you can comfortably put your best face forward

…or not!  😉

Don't miss this chance to secure your spot now!

Get your professional, polished lifestyle portraits by Nick Kelsh with this special offer just for FOREVER Live!™ 2018

Hope to see you at in Pittsburgh!


Nick Kelsh is a renowned photographer—with nine published books and repeat appearances on Oprah and The Today Show—who has become a photo-guru to many thousands of family memory keepers and photographers of all levels. Nick’s passion for teaching and helping others, knack for creatively delivering photography instruction in easily digestible bites, and inspiring, entertaining style make learning photography easy and fun on his How To Photograph Your Life website and blog and Facebook Page, and in his popular online courses, live workshops and speaking engagements. 

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