The Best Camera is the One That's With You...

So Want to Know How to Get the Best Photos Out of Your Smartphone Camera?

Nick Kelsh's Smartphone Photography Course is a popular online video course that makes it quick, easy and fun to learn your smartphone camera features and start taking your photos to the next level. It's a great holiday gift that keeps on giving...



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What People Are Saying About Nick's Smartphone Course

"This class has been phenomenal It has made me more confident to explore the things I can do with my iPhone. I am having fun experimenting. I am relieved to learn how to better organize and save my photos. I want to share all of this information with my family and friends. Thank you to my friend who sent this video gift to me."

Sally Buroker Simundson

Just want to give a big shout out and thank you to Nick for the Smartphone class. I just finished watching the last half of the classes and couldn’t believe how much I learned. There were so many things on my phone that I never knew about and I’ve had it for years. Now I can’t wait to play with the functions I was unaware of. I can’t wait to share my results."

Sandy Norman

I love my DSLR camera, but often only have my iPhone with me. I learned quite a few things not only about my phone and taking pictures with it, but also with the editing tools. Thank you, Nick, for once again helping me to capture those special moments in my life in a better way."

Sherree Lobb Keech

This is so eye opening for me! I'm not anywhere close to being a professional photographer so I couldn't put my finger on why I get so frustrated with my iPhone photos all the time. Now understand! Thank you!"

Shari McGuire

Outstanding! I learned so much. Our family has both android and iPhones so this class was beneficial to everyone. Thanks!

Kim Stacey

Wonderful course. I could hear the passsion for photography in Nick Kelsh's voice. It moves fast but there are absolute gems in every lesson."

Amy Phimister



There is no denying it … smartphones are here to stay, and along with that, the ability to document your life with the built-in camera. The good news is that your photographs don’t have to be “just cell phone pics.” They can be amazing works of art, just like their big brother DSLR counterparts.

In his new Smartphone Photography Course, Nick Kelsh takes his 40 years of photography knowledge and applies it to the smartphones that we all use every day. He starts with the very fundamental concepts of photography, but then delves into the features and capabilities of the smartphone camera that gives phoneography a valid place in the bigger artistic space of photography, and allows everybody to capture memories in a way that not only feels good, but can look fantastic.

Your course will consist of a series of video guides, organized by topic, that you can access on any device, in your own time, and at your own pace.

The smartphone camera has to be the most fun camera ever invented and the more you know how to use it the more fun it is. So this course was created to be quick, easy and fun for you to learn how to take your best shots with that handy camera that's always with you.

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What You'll Learn

Your course will consist of a series of video guides, organized by topic, that you can access on any device, in your own time, and at your own pace.


Introduction to Smartphone Photography

The Capabilitise and Limits of Your Smartphone Camera


The Basics of Photography - Composition and Lighting


The Smartphone's Wide Angle Lens and How to Work With It


Smartphone's and Depth of Field

The Zoom Feature -- What is does and When NOT to use it!


Achieving proper focus and exposure




Adjusting Manual Settings


Being Creative with your Smartphone Camera

Editing on your Smartphone Camera - and Editing Apps

Organizing and sharing your smartphone Photos

About Nick Kelsh

Nick Kelsh is a renowned photographer and author of 9 books (featured on Oprah and The Today Show. )

Nick's passion for creatively delivering photography instruction in easily digestible bites, and his inspiring, entertaining style, have earned him the following of thousands on his How To Photograph Your Life website and Facebook Page, and in his popular Online Photography Courses.

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