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Nick Kelsh’s Portraits & Lighting Photography Course is structured into eight modules, which you can complete over 8 weeks in our Full-Participation Course. In each lesson, Nick presents a series of short, informative and entertaining videos to guide you along the road to taking professional looking portraits. Over the course of these lessons he will cover just about all aspects of beginner and advanced portrait photography. He uses an easy going style and friendly repetition until the aha moments happen. Nick’s supportive attitude and decades of experience will have you capturing the faces of the people you love that will live forever as family treasures.

Watch the videos and review material on your own time; then take the quiz to test your comprehension of the material. There’s no pressure—only you will see your score. Nick provides a video review of the questions, explaining the right and wrong answers.

Put the lessons to practice with the photography assignments and upload your pictures to the online student photo gallery. Your classmates can offer constructive feedback and you will gain a lot from evaluating other students’ photographs and comments. Learn from your fellow students by participating in the discussion forums as well. When you purchase the full participation course, you receive the benefit of personal feedback from Nick on all the photos you post, enabling you to improve with every photo you take.

Nick hosts online Q&A webinars to give you additional review or explanation of challenging topics. Webinars are offered at varying times to accommodate a range of time zones and schedules. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live webinars, you can always watch the recording at your convenience.

We know that you will want to review parts of the course as your skills improve, so all course materials are archived and you’ll have complete access to the course website and community for a lifetime.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the technical know-how, tips & tricks of the trade and the confidence to capture the precious faces in your life with photographs you’ll be proud of and others will rave about. It’s a truly rewarding gift to yourself, to your family and friends, and to future generations who’ll cherish the beautiful life-enriching photographic portraits you learn to shoot in Nick Kelsh’s Portraits & Lighting Photography Course.

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